Monday, March 30, 2009

A well rested freak out...

Today I’m procrastinating, mostly out of protest for the dusting of snow on the ground. It’s almost April and someone needs to tell Mother Nature to quit screwing around. Opening Day is in less than two weeks and we’re still messin’ with snow? I know, I know, there’s nothing particularly unusual about that…I mean this is Canada, and we are a spitball away from Detroit but sunshine has been on back order for months now and it’s about time the stuff got shipped. So out of protest, I am procrastinating all day long. I’ll balance out the guilt in my mind by doing some stuff and thereby feeling as though I may have accomplished something when in fact that particular something is entirely NOT what I was supposed to be doing, but was instead just something to look busy.

On a more interesting note than whatever note that was that I just honked out. We woke up this morning ON OUR OWN because Zoey slept a stunning nine hours last night! That’s right, nine hours! We had to wake her up this morning just to grab a bite and then after 45 minutes or so she happily went back to bed. At first we were a little freaked out that the kid had tackled such silent slumber oh-so fervently. You know, poke and shake and hope there are signs of life…but to our paranoid relief there were, and she groggily embraced the notion of a morning munch avec Mom. What two month old sleeps for nine hours!? Are you kidding me? Of course, she did her usual “unreasonable girl” freak-out just prior to nodding off only she multiplied it by about 400,000 and nearly made Dad’s head explode. So the unusually excessive freak-out combined with an obviously frustrated Father (after she calmed sown she looked at me like, “what did you do with my Dad?”) left her completely sapped. That’s the only explanation we can come up with. We did consider that an unusually playful Zo all day and well into the evening also sucked her dry of any energy she had stored up. Earlier in the afternoon Zo checked out her new “Pack ‘n Play” and was mesmerized by the little stuffed bear mobile. She talked to it and laughed at it for what seemed like hours. She was a genuine giggle machine and so it’s possible that overstimulation could also be to blame. Whatever was responsible for our little funster doing her best Rumplestiltskin impression last night we’re pretty sure that a nine week old sleeping for nine hours is a sure recipe for paranoia.

Turns out le beeb is just fine. She’s a happy little girl this morning and June took her temperature etc…and all the numbers jive. Apparently Zo just felt like sleeping…a lot.
It also turns out that too much of a good thing can freak parents waaay out. That’s a new experience for us. We were fully prepared for the bad junk worrying us silly but had no plan in place for the good stuff. Nine hours of sleep is pretty damn impressive and we’re still shaking our heads and wondering what happened. We considered the fact that June could have awoke in the middle of the night, managed a little sleepwalking episode perhaps better defined as sleep-feeding, and then remembered nothing in the morning? It’s a stretch but entirely possible, right? There just has to be an explanation better than Zo was just tired. There has to be.

So apparently I suck at procrastination because this post is stupid long. I’ll have to save my procrastinating for another day.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Sunday Morning Coming Down

What do you do when Sunday rolls around all wet, windy and boring? You take a bunch of pictures of your baby, that's what!

Zoey knocked off two unwilling photo shoots this morning...the first we call "Sleeping Zo a la fuzzy bathrobe de Mom"...and the second we lovingly refer to as "Druid Zo." We hope you like them. We certainly do. Beats the hell out of designing an entire Periodic Table of Zoey like we were going to do.

How long 'til the Michigan State game? Far too much time to do stupid crap.

Mom had just rolled out of bed and Zo was pretty interested in going back to sleep on her fuzzy bathrobe. Who wouldn't be? I had the notion myself.
Sleeping Zo - Mar 28-09

Zo sleeping 2 - Mar 28-09

Sleeping Zo 6 - Mar 28-09

Sleeping Zo 5 - Mar 28-09

A little later in the morning after what sounded like a sure fire reason to bath her echoed from her nether regions we scrubbed her up and Zoey did her little Druid impression, the one she always does after bath time. She nails it every time. I'm her Dad and even I thought she was a real honest to goodness Druid.
Druid Zo - BW - blue eyes 3

Druid Zo - BW blue eyes - 3

Druid Zo - BW - blue eyes

Druid Zo - BW - blue eyes 2

So that's how you spend a quiet Sunday morning at Zo's house. Typically participation in such things is purely voluntary but since Zoey can't say a single thing discernible to our learned adult ears we just do whatever the heck we want. Poor kid.

Hey, anyone download that Saturday playlist yet? Oh man, it's a beauty one. Can't stop listening to it over here. It's quickly turned into the Sunday playlist too. Get on it! Or ask me and I'll send you a copy. It'll change the way you see 7 am that's for sure.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Weekend Photo Buffet Just For You (If your name is Scott or Stacey)

To celebrate our fine friends Scott and Stacey moving into their new life we wanted to toss them some fun fridge fodder.

Here are a couple of super mint photos for the kitchen, that place we are sure to monopolize with conversation, laughs and baby baths in the sink for years to come. We hope you two yoots are annoyingly happy and contented there in Digby Wolfe's old digs.

For you, and the Samsquench too...

Scooters Coffeehouse KC
This is a coffee shop we stumbled into down at the Plaza in Kansas City. We were going to scoop Coop a pound of the house blend but somehow we never managed to find our way back there. Next time...

Go HUmans Go
This is the new Quaker Oats ad campaign that's popping up all over the US. I love it! This one is by far the best, and for sure the one that Scittie, Roo and the Squencher would enjoy the most. In a world pre-occupied with falling skies and home prices we agree with the noble looking Quaker dude. Things aren't so bad. As a species we still "got it"...Cripes man, we invented formica, polaroid cameras and riding lawn mowers, it'd take one heckuva recession to stymie that kind of human spirit. I wish you could buy a felt pennant, some colorful pom-poms, and a sideline ticket for this comeback. We'd even wear one of them funky old 1920's ankle length fur coats and say "pal" a lot." We're bettin' 2:1 that us humans take the lead before the final horn goes. Gooooo team.

Like James Taylor said, "with sweet love and affection,"...Once the boxes are all unpacked we hope you guys are grinning like a six month old who just found their weiner. You know the look we're talking about.

お早うございます A Saturday Morning Playlist...from Zo

Some Saturdays, well, almost every one, needs a playlist. This is today's:

1. Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
2. Those Sweet Words (LIVE) - Norah Jones
3. One Day - Melody Gardot
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Roberta Flack
5. Tenderly - Chet Baker
6. Once When I Was Little - James Morrison
7. I'll Be Your baby Tonight - Norah Jones
8. Rainbow Connection (LIVE) - Jason Mraz
9. Lucky (w Colbie Caillat) - Jason Mraz
10. Saturday - Josh Rouse
11. All That I Need Is Love - Melody Gardot
12. River - Corrine Bailey Rae & Herbie Hancock
13. All I Have To Do Is Dream (LIVE) - Matt Nathanson
14. Sunrise (LIVE) - Norah Jones
15. After the Rain - John Coltrane Quartet
16. Manamanah - The Muppets

As you read this we're easing into a slow and smile infested Saturday...whitecaps on the lake and the sun is rough.

Oh, and just as some sort of disclaimer...there's a bit of a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood feel to Chet Baker's "Tenderly" but we kinda like it that way.

良い一日を Have a nice day! We will.

Friday, March 27, 2009

どうもありがとう ひいおばあちゃん

Mihoko June Zo and Hina display Mar 27-09

If you're reading this and wondering what the schmank we're doin' tossing in all that crazy kanji that no one can read then you really need to relax and grab a handful of perspective. Everyone in Japan has been struggling to read this for two months now. They can translate it using Google translation etc... but with all the slang and all the grammatical differences between English and Japanese it reads like a collection kindergarden poems. Anyway, it's not only about time that we worked a little harder at giving Zoey's family in Japan an easier read but we owe them an enormous thank you.

That's what you just read...どうもありがとう (Dōmo arigatō = thank you very much) and ひいおばあちゃん (hi i Obaachan = Great Grandmother)...

Today we received a package from Japan, an event that always used to excite June silly when she was growing up and still does it seems. Typically the packages were full of fun things that were impossible to find here in North America. June had the best clothes, backpacks, and stationary of any kid in elementary school, all of it pulled from the fun innards of boxes addressed to her Mom, Mihoko, marked with strange postage and confusing kanji. Today June received another box with all that same strange postage but inside were gifts for her daughter.

June's Baachan, Ei, sent her Great Grand daughter a stunning gift that has left everyone around here a little speechless. When June opened the box she found the most beautiful wooden display case for Zoey's Hina dolls on Girl's Day. Like we said earlier, Girl's Day is a pretty big deal and hi i Obaachan reinforced that notion with her gift. The case is more valuable than an airplane ticket to Tokyo and we swallowed a little harder when we discovered the actual cost of the thing. It seems hi i Obaachan plans on this gift lasting for generations...for Zoey's daughter to use it, and then her daughter after that. As her first Great Grandchild Zoey has secured a pretty special place. June's Baachan is 84 years young and eager to please while she's still more than able to please. I wish we had a better way of telling her how much pleasing she's actually done here. June is still floored at the beauty and significance of the gesture.

To add some fun to all that serious stuff we were surprised to see another package tucked in the box from June's Aunt Sae-Chan. It was full of the kind of goodies June remembers. There was an incredible cloak for Zo and the coolest rattle and stockings. Hi i Obaachan convinced us that this little girl's heritage and culture will play a big role in her life and then Sae-Chan goes and convinces us that she's gonna be OH-so spoiled through most of it. Today found a lucky little girl on the receiving end of a wonderful package from wonderful people. Pretty awesome that we get to call them our family.

どうもありがとう ひいおばあちゃん. Thanks so much!

For more pics head on over to June's Flickr page for a peek.

Dad's Newest Favoritest Bestest Photo Ever of All Time

Laughing Zo March 25-09

I'm just going to keep having new favorite photos every other day or so if that's okay with you. Thanks.

Parts and pieces and the kind of people who turn your head

Lately I've been taking pieces of this and parts of that and wishing and hoping and laughing at the notion that I hope that someday my daughter can be all or at least some of those things.

It's crazy, I know.


It's everything wrong with parenting because she's just going to be whatever she's going to be, and I know that, but I hope that I can find a little of this and a little of that in just some of the things that she does or is because the list of parts is getting longer.

I met this girl today...How many stories start out just like that...I met this girl today, and she knocked me over with her eyes...what they saw and what they've seen...and she picked me back up with her heart...where it's been and where it's going...and she left me wishing I knew her earlier so I could have told June and told Gerry and told Mom and told everyone who needed the telling or would somehow already know what she had said, 'cause some of the people I know just know, ya know?

She had problems, like the rest of us only different because they were hers, and she needed help, just like the rest of us but different because we all need our own kind of help. She was a pianist and a poet and a struggling scholar and a mess all at the same time. She'd been let down. She couldn't get out of bed but she sure could change the way I was seeing things. She made me write this craziness and made me appreciate her craziness and made me understand my own and see the worlds and redefine all of it.

If I could cut and paste those eyes and that heart I would...but it's stupid to think that I could, or that I should, and it's stupid to think that any girl with that many problems might be the kind of girl I'd want to transplant parts and pieces of...stupid and unfair. Unfair to everyone. But it's nice to know that even us crazy people got parts worth exporting and pieces worth wishing for.

She told me to watch this and so I it's your turn. Pretty awesome what one young girl can do when someone else puts their mind to it. There are people in Japan reading this (well, trying) As impressed as I was with her now you can be too...She told me to watch this 'cause after I helped her it was her turn to help me. Zoey, I hope that you're paying attention.

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's friggin' cold in these opposed to "those" parts

Home sweet home feels a lot more like “home cold home”…as we’re pulling onto the Bluewater Bridge last night the temperature read 31 degrees F…Are you kidding me? Kansas City wasn’t Jacksonville, FL but 65 degrees felt like Fiji compared to home.

Thirteen hours slipped past relatively quickly yesterday and Zo was a champ once again, really only getting upset from Kalamazoo home. At that point my ass was sore and 10 or 11 hours in a vehicle is a lot for anyone let alone a two month old anyone.

Anyway…home from the fray with a new appreciation for where we live and what we have and ready for some sun and Spring. We feel as though Zo has been somewhat battle tested after dealing with 42,000 screaming fans at the Canada – USA World Baseball Classic game in Toronto and now the NCAA South Region games in Kansas City and so we’re feeling pretty confident. Next up…Michigan’s Spring Football game on April 11th? Maybe a chance to see Kev and Aimee, Harmon and the Simester? It’s gonna depend on:

a/ weather
b/ other available options (maybe go see Scott, Stace and the Samsquencher’s new digs up north if they’re around?)
c/ weather

Look at us planning the next endeavor when this one still has us sleep deprived! Maybe we’ll learn our lesson at some point, but then…and fingers crossed…maybe not.

BTW…checked the office pool as soon as we got home last night…and look at Team Zoey, check us out…

NCAAM Pool - mar 23

It pays to take a 12 seed (W. Kentucky) and a 10 seed (Michigan) in the first round.

There are quite a few pics from our trip to KC and we'll try to get a bunch up here or at least over at June's Flickr page. You can access that here:

  • June's Flickr Sets

  • One of my weekend favorites is of Zo obsessing over March Madness on the hotel TV. As you can see we're trying to raise her right. Double overtime and a diaper change should illicit this kind of response...

    Zo watching NCAAs

    Or there's this one that we'll always remember as one of our first family photos...

    Bri June Zed Sprint Center

    We still can't believe our luck with this kid, on this trip and just in general. I'm sure by rolling in such a sentiment we're totally underscoring some of our own role in this child's demeanor and reactions and behaviour etc... but it just feels as though her performance across 8 weeks of life so far has been more a result of the best karma ever than any actual conscious decisions on our part. Grandad Gerry would shake his head at such a notion and would be quick to remind us of our own role in all of this, and we'd be happy to embrace it but hesitant to admit to it. Maybe that's a lesson we're hoping to teach her in and of's a big world out there and you're not responsible for all of what happens in it (but we'll settle for a bit of it). We've got ourselves a good little girl so far and however the mix of us and her is shaping up it's looking pretty good in the end and we'll take it by the pound...all 9 lbs of it.

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Close, but no cigar...actually two cigars! Michigan falls to Oklahoma.

    Rarrr and beers

    Try and buy a ticket to a second round Regional NCAA basketball game when Memphis is in town...ain't happenin'! No worries...June, Zedder and I watched from the jumpin' Power and Light District across the road from the Sprint Center and had a great time. We hung out with some Memphis fans and gave the gears to as many Sooner folks as possible (setting a good example) and in the end were pretty glad we didn't burn $200 on tickets.

    Michigan looked pretty good for most of the game but Blake Griffin apparently can do nothing wrong and Rarrr and myself are totally convinced that it was a Big 12 officiating crew but what d'ya do?

    Now we're back at the room so Zo can get her eat on...Dad's got a tasty Fat Tire Ale going and we're ordering some KC BBQ up to the room. Gonna be an early night of watching the Lakers and Bulls and some serious snoring. It's a 5am wake up call and a 7am bail out for the Beach House some 13 hours distant.

    Had fun out here...sooo much fun, and boo to you guys who don't ever come with us for this stuff...We're always talking about how fun it would be with this person or that...Uncle Ian would have croaked over this weekend, would have loved it! Uncle Brad would be in some gutter bar all bloated and coated in BBQ sauce...with the two of 'em it would have been ugly. Especially today watching basketball out in the sun about 50 yards from the Makers Mark Bar and Lounge (Daddy bought two of his favorite bourbon dipped just 'cause and one to ease the pain), that would have slayed both of those guys.

    What a great trip...

    A few final pics from the 2009 NCAA South Region in Kansas City...See you back home!

    June Zo and the OU-UM crowd
    Here's June and Zo hanging in the Power & Light District...pre-Blake Griffin's infallible-fest.

    Rarrr Zo June - OU and UM
    Check out Rarrr guarding our drinks from all those Boomer Sooner freaks.

    Peeking Zo at OU-UM
    This time the Zedder was awake and enjoying an easy day of losing to Oklahoma. Weren't we all?

    June Rarrr and Zedder - OU and UM
    She wasn't always awake though...and Rarrr made sure her sweet slumber was uninterrupted

    June Zom partying OU-UM
    And there's the party girl...hanging with her Mom as Manny and the fellas fade.

    We're also leaving Kansas City with pretty good looking showings in the office pool...Dunno what June does each and every March but this looks pretty familiar after one weekend of basketball.

    Pool Standings 1

    We'd like to take this time to introduce you to Rarrr...we like him

    Meet Rarrr KC

    This is Rarrr.

    We met Rarrr in Kansas City, down in the Plaza district. We liked him right away and he seemed to take to us fine too. Now he's ours. He really likes fact, right from the get go he was pretty protective of her.

    Here he is trying to convince us to take Zo and him to the movies. We told him "no" since we had a basketball game to get to and he got pretty angry. He has some pretty significant anger management issues.

    Rarrr KC movies background

    And here he is trying to flag down a cab. Rarrr didn't think it was appropriate that we walk back to the car with Zo out in the elements ('cause sun and blue skies can be so traumatic) so he was trying to catch us a cab.

    Rarrr hailing a cab KC

    He obviously wasn't having much luck since he's only about four inches tall and pink (being stuffed doesn't help either) and it was pissing him off pretty good as you can see here...

    Rarrr frustrated at cab KC

    We finally got him calmed down enough to keep shopping but it took some serious effort. He stuck with Zo like she was his long lost sister and we were impressed by his voracity in defence of lil' Zed. Here he is fending off coochy coo'ers while we shopped...

    Rarrr Zo stroller KC

    We were having a beautiful morning of walking around KC's Plaza district and getting some sun when we heard someone yell, "There you two are. I've been thinking about calling you guys," and we looked up and saw Bruce! (Brian's old boss with Michigan's Athletic Dept.) Brian was pretty excited, and June got another smacker on the lips just like she always does when we run into "The Bruce" still catches her off guard every time (that's a nice way of saying WTF)...

    Brian and Bruce KC

    It was a great surprise to everyone but Rarrr. He lost his friggin' mind! Look...he even tried to bite Bruce but Brian stopped him. Poor Bruce...

    Rarrr protecting Zo KC

    All in all it was a great day of waiting for a basketball game. The now infamous "Bruce Incident" will surely fade once Brian gets the chance to sit down with Rarrr and explain Bruce's connection to his new adopted family. Unfortunately Zo didn't like Bruce either and cried the whole time we talked. I guess that set Rarrr off and there was no talking him down once he got pissed off. We even tried to go for lunch at Brio afterwards but Rarrr was still out of sorts. If you ever get yourself a little pink stuffed monster for a friend be sure to introduce him to people slowly, at least people like Bruce.

    Rarrr KC Brio

    Good Morning Kansas City...Where's my ticket?

    Good morning KC

    Woke up to "Elizabethtown" on TBS...nuthin' like waking up to sunshine, a second round Regional match-up, and some Cameron Crowe creativity (which reminds me that if Michigan wins today I'm driving to Memphis next weekend more as an excuse to see the Lorraine Hotel than a basketball game). Zoey was asleep on her Mom and all I could smell was possibility and perfection (it could have just been poo). Good morning Kansas City, today's gonna be a good day.

    I need some music, I think. Cameron Crowe always makes you feel like you need music. He's usually right

    No posts yesterday, our apologies...but we were busy shopping and wandering and consumer adventuring all over Kansas City, even over into Kansas for awhile. We'll pass on the, "we're not in Kansas anymore," remark (although I guess by saying that we didn't pass on it) and just say that we're happy to be back in the bosom of a downtown. It's funny, but we're city people who don't live in the city. I suppose there's a beach to blame, and we wouldn't trade the scenario for anything but even downtown Kansas City can make me feel at home. We were oh so obviously just kidding about liking Detroit better. Kansas City is just fine, especially first thing in the morning...but the beach in our backyard is better.

    We've got a big day in front of us...but not until "Elizabethtown" is over and not until Zoey wakes up. Don't worry Grandma and Baachan, we haven't lost her yet. She's right there on Mom.

    Zo sleeping on Mom KC

    Now we go about our day trying to extract tickets from scalpers for a sum that is less than our daughter. We're looking for upper bowl tickets, about as far back as you can get so that should cost a lot less than a child, don't you think?

    Friday, March 20, 2009

    If it ain't "times two" then it ain't Gerrified...No, no, no!

    KC hotel shower Gerrified

    We got ourselves a nice isnt The Plaza in NYC but the Holiday Inn - Downtown Kansas City, Aladdin is pretty great! It's all retro'd up and looking mint. The place is on the historic register and it's about a 5 minute walk to the games. We liked the place the minute we checked in and they offered us champagne...but we REALLY liked it when we tried to shower and discovered that our shower had been Gerrified!

    That's right...two shower heads! Total and undisputed Gerrification....Don't believe us? Slip on over to the Partridge homestead on Running Creek Dr. in Wallaceburg...pretend you're getting your pants hemmed, and then ask to use the crapper. Mihoko will kindly point you down the hall and when you close the door check out the shower...yup, that's right...shower heads x 2. Gerrified.

    Just when we were missing home a little we go to get wet and end up waist deep in Gerrification. Awesome! Just awesome!

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    The best pics of the trip aren't of any basketball game!

    I love these pics...LOVE THEM!

    This is June and Zo messing around on the bed before we left for the Sprint Center. Like I said...horseshoes dude...horseshoes.

    June Zo bed laughing KC
    June and Zo laughing at one another...I think the joke was about Dad.

    Smiling Zo bed KC
    15 hours of driving and a completely different schedule and this is the face we get. Unbelievable

    June kissing Zo KC
    No matter how much fun they're having they always end up in smooches. It kills me...everytime, it kills me.

    The win that almost wasn't...and two more nights in KC

    June and Zo - Sprint Center

    Are you kidding me? Now we're just glad we came. Michigan sneaks one away from the surging clutches of Clemson and the ACC can suck the mustard no less than twice in the same season courtesy of Manny and Co.

    It was a beauty game and we were surrounded with stellar people...a Husker, a UK Wildcat, and an odd assortment of others...we watched Michigan roll and trashed Ohio State, Duke and whoever else we could think of that deserved our ill will. Zoey slept THE ENTIRE GAME!!!!....seriously, amid two blaring bands and twenty-something thousand fans...unbelievable! We're keeping her! What a great purchase this kid was.

    I'd write more but I have to go get us a room for two more nights and settle myself down. Amazing win...amazing kid. Wow...the horseshoes in my ass actually make it hard for me to sit down sometimes.

    BTW...Rosie and the Duckster called my cell at halftime tonight...I loves me them fellas!

    We're here! ...and we like Detroit better

    KC sunshine

    We made it! Well, Zoey made it...we had all kinds of confidence in ourselves, but the 7 week old champ du jour made it here just fine. Sans one little freak out last night at about bedtime...problem was there was no bed to go to. She's been amazing.

    Weather is a beautiful 65 degrees and the sun is shining...good thing after we endured "Deliverance" country on our way down from Hanibal. US 36 flips you through some seriously rural scenery...oh, and never, ever, under any circumstances go to Macon, MO. Never, ever...

    We're about four hours to tip off and the hotel is awesome, the downtown is nice but we think we like Detroit better. I think we have an affinity for all things no longer thriving. KC has a nice feel to it, but it's certainly a middle of nowhere city (wheras Detroit is a going nowhere city). On the way into town June realized, perhaps for the first time, why I left Central Missouri State oh so long ago...sometimes it's hard to get a good picture of "because it sucked" unless you see it for yourself. She agrees, it sucks.

    Suckage aside, Zoey is having a decent time I think. Her food travels with her, so that's a plus, and it's free, even more of a reason to enjoy the road. She's been sooo good and sooo patient, a trait she'll need to hone if she's going to tolerate her parents over the course of her life.

    Whilst on the road we were told in no uncertain terms by both Grandma Cathy and Baachan that we had better take care of their grand-daughter. "Don't lose her," were the harsh instructions issued by Grandma Cathy, and "I don't care about how you guys are doing. How's my grand-daughter," from Baachan. Nice. So it seems we very well might be capable of losing our child as simply as the camera lens cover (almost did that already) and our enjoyment of this excursion is secondary to the Zedder's? Grandparents can be harsh.

    Time for a nap in the sun...maybe curl up next to Z...dream of Clemson shots clanking off Sprint Center rims.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    The Road to The Final Four sure is long...


    Logging on from Hannibal, Missouri and the nicest Econo Lodge $50 bucks'll get ya. It's actually quite nice, at least in comparison to an over-tired funster in the backseat. Zoey was amazing until the last hour of eleven or twelve and so rather than pull into KC at 2:30am we ducked into this joint just down the street from Mark Twain's boyhood home so we could eat, sleep and Daddy could do the usual walk and talk with the Zedder. It worked, and we felt like a million bucks for doing it too! No regrets here. It would have been nice to wake four blocks from the Sprint Center but we'll take the Econo Lodge in Hannibal, Mo with no regrets.

    It's been a good trip so far...long, but good. Zoey scored Mo Willems new book, "Watch Me Throw the Ball," from a book store in Normal, Illinois...yeah, we said "Normal"...and my new favorite song in the whole wide world is "Secret Agent Man"...or as June calls it, "Secret Asian Man," other than that I don't know much other than this is one long frikkin' drive and Junie is pretty much the Ace champ of the universe...amen.

    Time to to sing myself to sleep with Johnny Rivers.

    Waiting, waiting, waiting...oh, and Calgary sucks!


    Brian and June would like to cordially thank the @#$%&le in Calgary who waited a full 32 hours after the stubhub ticket purchase to ship our basketball tickets. So it's now 8:00AM Wednesday morning and we can't leave for Kansas City until the Fed Ex truck gets here. That's okay, it's only a 13 hr drive WITHOUT AN INFANT TAGGING ALONG!

    The tickets were supposed to be shipped Monday afternoon, instead they weren't even dropped off at the Fed Ex in Calgary until 4:38pm TUESDAY FRIGGIN' AFTERNOON!! It's not Stubhub's fault, it's not Fed Ex's fault, but this hick cowboy jerk from Calgary is quickly ruining this trip. Who waits 32 #$%&ing hours to ship what is supposed to be an overnight package!? It's too late to cancel the room, so we'd pocket that bill if we didn't make it...the tickets are paid for and there's no way to do anything but use them or eat them now...and we still have what will probably be a 17 hour trip on our hands.

    So here's the plan....we have to make the trip. There's just too much loot spent to walk away now. Zoey is going to sleep away most of it anyway so she'll be fine no matter what. We will wait for the tickets, get them and go...I'd like to say that I could report Mr. Calgary @#$% to someone for scalping but I'm participating in that nonsense too so what do you do? If I'm lucky this idiot has shipped me the tickets still inside the original envelope he received them in, just jammed it into the Fed Ex envelope, and then I'll know his name and send him a two year subscription to Hustler Magazine...with the billing address the same as the mailing one. Inconsiderate tit! In fact, I'd send him a monthly surprise subscription for an entire year. He might refuse to pay every single bill sent to him but he'd sure as hell have to deal with that embarrassing, annoying crap every four or so weeks.

    How does a single individual 2000 miles away play such an important role in turfing what were easy hopes and plans? I guess that's how the world works. It's not a fair life, that's for Mr. Inconsiderate Calgary @#$& is sure to find out if he leaves even a trace of his identity on this package. *Shrug*...I don't necessarily care if my experience is unfair, as long as someone else has a similarly unfair experience too. I'm a fair guy.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Something to do while we're gone basketballing

    We made this up so that you have something to do whilst we're out traipsing across the country basketballing around.

    Just click here for some Zoey fun...or here. It's stupid, and may very well be a waste of your time but so was college and you went, right?

    It seems that we've been consumed with the March Madness and so you'll just have to wait until we get back to get the skinny on Zoey's first big road trip. Actually, we'll probably post from the road since we'll have Junie's trusty Macbook with us. Wish us luck, and have fun with the above linked stupidity. We'll straighten that one out for you when we get back. Adios muchachos!

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    We're goin' to Kansas City...Kansas City here we come...

    BW Bri Zo Michigan blanket

    Someone needs to steal this Dad's wallet 'cause when it comes to experiential learning this kid is getting the whole enchilada...which is a weird phrase because you really shouldn't trust anyone who wants just half of a tasty enchilada...

    We're going to Kansas City for the 1st Round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament on March 19th. It's #10 MIchigan and #7 Clemson at the Sprint Center on Thursday night and lil' Zo will be there looking all confused whenever she hears people cheer for the little men in orange (or as my Mom would say, Oinge). We say little men because we're sitting way up in the corner, Sec 230, about as far away from the tumult as we could manage. It's gonna be loud in there and we're hoping that a rafter view will dampen the noise a little.

    It's Zo's first basketball game, and naturally it had to be Michigan so everyone 'round here is super excited.

    Some interesting tidbits (what's a tidbit?) about the enterprise?

    The trip to KC will mark Dad's first time back to Kansas City since he left CMSU in '91...

    Zoey needed her own ticket for the game since the good people at the NCAA are money mongering infant abusers...

    The trip will be Zoey's longest one to date, and the furthest...3 days and approx.825 miles away...That's about 43 diapers...

    The weather in KC is hovering in the 70's right now but will drop a little by the time we get there. Who'd have thought of Missouri for March Break?

    I still can't believe we're doing this...we just kind of decided last minute...Is spontaneity one of the first lessons you should be teaching a child? What about "spend it while you got it?" That's an important one I think.

    Wish us luck but most of all wish Coach Beilein and those pesky Wolverines luck too. They'll need it!

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Michigan Makes the Big Dance...Zoey sleeps through it

    After 11 long years Michigan is back in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. We're pretty excited around here. Zoey slept through the selection show but we're pretty sure she feels the same way that we do, you know if she had any kind of concept what we're talking about, of course.

    Michigan faces Clemson on Thursday March 19th in the South bracket down in Kansas City, MO...we'd go but that's too close to Brian's old school in Warrensburg, MO and he's afraid that the statute of limitations may not have expired yet.

    A candid letter to my favorite infant development tool, Target

    Zoey and Target

    To my dearest bouncy chair toy, best friend and favorite Whoozit, Target

    You probably already know how I feel about you but I'm not all that comfortable leaving things unsaid. I love you. I do. We met by accident, I think Mom and Dad said something about you coming in the mail with a free formula sample. I'm not really sure what formula is or even what free or sample means but I know that I couldn't live without you. Every time I look for you there you are, right by my side, never very far away. You've had my back for, what, two full weeks now? I can't tell you just how much that time means to me.

    When I'm upset, you're there for me. When I'm lonely, there you are. When I need to talk, you listen. You don't contribute much but then I probably wouldn't understand you even if you did. My vocabulary is pretty limited... I don't even know what vocabulary means. With you I never have to worry about it. You mostly just hang there from my bouncy chair and to be perfectly honest, thats all I ever wanted from you. I don't want to prop our relationship up with false impressions and erroneous ideas of give and take. I want to give and you're kind enough to take. I talk, you listen. I throw up all over you and you just hang in there, complaint-free. You're my best friend.

    To be perfectly honest, I don't really have any other friends. Sure I was pretty tight with that bear that makes all those weird womb sounds but it's over now. He means nothing to me. I know I've been spending a little time with the Samsquench but no one means as much to me as you do...Mom and Dad excluded, of course. You're everything to me, everything that doesn't leak milk at least.

    I hope nothing ever changes between us, never. I hope that you're always there with me...on my first date, at my prom, at my graduation, when I go away to college, when I flunk out of college and discover that work sucks and so I head back to school with renewed vigor and focus...I hope that you're there when I get engaged and on my wedding day. Target, I hope we're never apart.

    I know that you're just made of fabric and squeaky stuff, of rattling things and ribbon...I know that you were never invited or even purchased but crashed "the Zoey party" anyway. I know that you hate it when I refer to the last 6 weeks as "the Zoey party," and I'm sorry. I'm not going to stop saying it but I'm sorry. I know that there's nothing particularly valuable about you whatsoever but I love you anyway. I hope you can find it in your squeaky heart to love me back. I promise to never forsake you for another free squeaky toy with a black and white target type thing stitched on it's back. I hope that's enough to let you know how much I love you. If it isn't...well, whatever...I'm 7 weeks old. There's plenty of free squeaky toy type friends out there and I'll get on with my life. I don't want to but I would.

    You don't need to write me back. I understand that you have absolutely no muscle mass in your arms and that your hands are stuffed hearts, so I get it if you have absolutely no manual dexterity. I just wanted to let you know how I feel about you and get something more than just spit up off of my chest. No matter what happens in the next developmental stage of my infancy it's important that you know that this time together meant something, that it was valuable to me. I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't say it...well, yeah, I probably could, but you know what I mean.

    Much love and occasional confusion...

    Zoey Sakura DeWagner

    Zoey's floor routine...a perfect 10

    This kid sure knows when the camera is on. June was changing Zo and Dad just happened to drop by with the camera in hand...BLAM...le beeb decided to roll randomly (is there really any other way to get your roll on?). So here you go Baachan and Grandma...Zoey's first flip, caught on film, albeit entirely by accident.

    Zoey pre-roll censored

    Zoey roll 2

    Zoey roll 3

    I hope we can manage that kind of timing for the rest of this kids life. Mind you we have no intention of being there for more than a few firsts but this one was nice.

    The 100th post...A Zoey Blog milestone

    Zoey smile 100th post

    That's right...the 100th post on the Zoey Blog...pretty impressive I'd say. The whole thing started off as a distraction from the demands of impending parenthood and then suddenly but not so strangely, BLAM...the 10th post. Whew!

    It's Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament and the sun is shining outside. It might be a bit of a struggle to balance the Big Ten Championship with what is surely looking like sweater and hammock weather. Zo will likely have the most to say about the choice since she hasn't stopped talking for about an hour now. She's either all jacked up with the weather or worried about Michigan's luck with the Tournament Selection Committee, it's difficult to tell. She enunciates pretty clearly but her vocabulary sucks.

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Back in the USSR...except the USA, not the USSR

    Zo's got her birth certificate and assorted other identification and so she's off to the United States of 'Murica today! She's going to go shopping at Somerset and Twelve Oaks and probably a TJ Maxx and a Target too. She's going to buy some stuff, and Mom and Dad are gonna buy some stuff, and she's going to sleep a lot, and it'll be our first trial run at crossing the border. We're going to try our best to make sure that Zo doesn't look like she's headed for the black market or that we've kidnapped her. I wonder if there's a way to make her look more like us before we head out today?

    We thought we'd stick around for March Break and just make a few jaunts across just to get used to the whole enterprise and kill a few weeks while the weather gets better and the MLB season gets underway...then we'll shoot off for some much needed vacation. Where to? Dunno...

    Of course this Sunday is Selection Sunday and if Michigan is tabbed for the Tourney and we're lucky enough for them to get a nod in the direction of the Dayton, OH bracket then we'll be heading for southern Ohio. If they do make the field of 65 they'll likely get chucked out to Boise, ID or down to Greensboro, NC and in that particular case we'd be out. Right now we're not worrying about anything except getting packed up for our shopping excursion. The Gods of March will take care of all of that other stuff.

    At the moment June is getting ready, Zo is sitting in her bouncy chair playing with Target, her Whoozit, and Dad's contemplating why he hates Drew Sharpe so much. Debu is meowing his hairy little arse off because Zo is talking so crazily to her Whoozit and Dad's typing away while Mom dries her hair so... No one is paying attention to the frustrated 35lb cat in the room. He really only wants to be fed so Fattie McHuge can wait while Zo wails her pleasure with Target and Dad finishes typing. It's not like skipping a meal is gonna hurt Debu...chunko could probably skip a few days worth without wasting away.

    Looks like a beauty day...let's go deplete some bank funds!

    Oh...and sorry about that botched Beatles song for a post title seemed fun at the time, it really did.

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Busy being busy (and ripping on kindergarden)

    June Zo March outside

    There are plenty of good reasons why we haven’t posted anything in days…

    First, babies make you busy…

    Second, apathy is a disease…

    Third, we’ve been paralyzed with infatuation…

    Fourth, we’ve been mired in existential uncertainty and the demands of dreaming extra-large.

    Fifth, we’ve been waiting for the opportunity to make an annoying list punctuated by unnerving vertical numerical references. We like that kinda thing.

    There actually are some pretty great reasons why we’ve been absent from posting nauseatingly cute baby crap here. We’ve had two nights of grandparent visiting, and four full days of absolutely angelic baby behaviour from le Zo. She’s found a bit of a rhythm with sleeping and is knocking off full 5 and 6 hour stretches at night (a by-product of going to bed earlier we think), she’s stringing together longer stretches of happy awake-ness…awake-ness sounds terrible but we’re using it anyway because we’re so damn tired of terms like “alert” and “aware” that we could puke. She’s smiling at things that we do and at things that she discovers and so now we know that she capable of smiling more often than just at the times she’s farting or pooping. We can’t differentiate between the two kinds of smiles but figure that it’s too much of a coincidence that every time she discovers something new and fun she poos at the same time…nope, these are intelligently offered grins. There’s probably a couple dozen other things she’s done or is doing that we’re leaving out. Sorry.

    On a bigger note (at least a more glamorous one) we’re still tossing about summer plans and way down the road plans and some of the stuff is goose bump inducing…How about sneaking in that “round the world” trip we’ve always talked about (before kindergarden smashes the hell out of that dream. Kindergarden is known to do that…sorry Mrs. Teeter, but kindergarden can be a harsh vibe for adventurous sorts. There’s talk of finishing off some school work in this place or that one. There are notions of saving money and of spending money, of moving away and of staying put…blah be bleeping blah…

    So we’ve been pretty busy…mostly daydreaming, but busy is busy regardless of the task.

    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Flash forward...Zoey and Simon...September 2027

    Simon Zoey Michigan Stadium

    Since Zoey managed 42,000 screaming fans at the Rogers Centre so well this past weekend we got to wondering what other sporting events she'll notch up over the years. Then Aimee Bergquist innocently posted new pics of Simon to her Facebook profile and we not so innocently stole them.

    Photoshop is an awesome, awesome tool.

    Here's Zo and Simon doing Michigan Stadium up right...Fall 2027. They look awfully young and will need some good fake ID to get into Rick's.

    Here's a bigger version of the same pic. We're still giggling.

    The Zedster fleeces the birthday girl just like we said she would

    Netta shopping H&M

    After a great day of baseball and visiting friends Zo and the "fam" took Sunday to meet up with Aunt Netta over at Square One Mall (now that's a serious friggin' mall) in Mississauga, and just like we predicted the little girl fleeced Aunt Netta for a sweet outfit including shoes. This kid is smooth...smooth as butter.

    She's so smooth with Aunt Netta that we're predicting the following:

    Zoey will somehow, without the use of any kind of discernable language, con Aunt Netta into a monthly shopping excursion that Aunt Netta will lovingly call "Sakura Sunday" but that Zo will selfishly refer to as "donating to the church of Zo."

    Netta will invest approximately $5,000 CDN in her niece before she graduates from high school...Zoey, not Netta, an important if not entirely obvious distinction between the two. Netta was kicked out of high school.

    Over the course of her life Zoey will slyly trick Aunt Netta into taking her on more than one vacation that demands a passport.

    At some point during Zo's college years she will benefit from Aunt Netta making a Visa payment without her parents knowing about it.

    Zoey's parents will implement the "pay for your own Spring Break" ploy, knowing full well that she can't... at which point Aunt Netta will lend her the money to go. June won't speak to her own sister for 3 months following the event.

    Aunt Netta will unabashedly buy Zoey's love each and every time it looks as though Uncle Ian might be gaining ground as her favorite.

    We love Aunt Netta but we think that Zoey will love her digging little rascal.

    The Zedder takes Skydome and then 80 St. Patrick like a champ

    Zo labeled infield WBC

    Zoey might be the only 6 week old you know who watched 5 innings of World Baseball Classic action at the Rogers Centre in Toronto without losing her #$%& like most infants might. This little girl rocked the fifth deck alongside 42,000 other fans and watched the US squeak one away from Team Canada, 6-5. The noise level got pretty loud and the crowd around us pretty raucous but lil' Zo just hung out and enjoyed the game. Mom tossed her a boob when most people were piling back Molson products and Zo eventually grabbed a nap but for a sturdy 5 innings this little kid was full of attentiveness.

    Uncle Andrew (Coop) scooped us the tix and sat right beside the little girl we're calling "the best little baseball fan this side of 7 weeks old" and we were glad to see him. We're always glad to see him. Coop is one of our favorites.

    If riding out the game wasn't enough Zo kept her crap together long enough to visit Scott, Stace, and the Samsquencher too. She got to meet big Jimmy and Amy, and Heidelberg Smitty too. It was a beauty day and Zedder kept it all intact until about 9:30pm when she started to do her nightly freak out. All in all she strung together an amazing day and night and it looks like this kid can travel. We were a little worried about her reaction to a stadium atmosphere but she was better than at least half of our friends. She might not have been able to tell you the score but she wasn't hammered drunk and she stayed awake for at least five innings of fun. We'll take that kind of performance any day.

    BTW...the quarters were pretty cramped up there in the 5th deck and so the camera never got used once...a crime, we know...but we chucked together a passable photoshop job and BLAM...Zoey at the World Baseball Classic...It's not exactly the coolest thing a parent can do, and we're not necessarily proud but it's not quite abuse either so just give it a glimpse and smile at our shameless ingenuity.