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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Sunday Morning Coming Down

What do you do when Sunday rolls around all wet, windy and boring? You take a bunch of pictures of your baby, that's what!

Zoey knocked off two unwilling photo shoots this morning...the first we call "Sleeping Zo a la fuzzy bathrobe de Mom"...and the second we lovingly refer to as "Druid Zo." We hope you like them. We certainly do. Beats the hell out of designing an entire Periodic Table of Zoey like we were going to do.

How long 'til the Michigan State game? Far too much time to do stupid crap.

Mom had just rolled out of bed and Zo was pretty interested in going back to sleep on her fuzzy bathrobe. Who wouldn't be? I had the notion myself.
Sleeping Zo - Mar 28-09

Zo sleeping 2 - Mar 28-09

Sleeping Zo 6 - Mar 28-09

Sleeping Zo 5 - Mar 28-09

A little later in the morning after what sounded like a sure fire reason to bath her echoed from her nether regions we scrubbed her up and Zoey did her little Druid impression, the one she always does after bath time. She nails it every time. I'm her Dad and even I thought she was a real honest to goodness Druid.
Druid Zo - BW - blue eyes 3

Druid Zo - BW blue eyes - 3

Druid Zo - BW - blue eyes

Druid Zo - BW - blue eyes 2

So that's how you spend a quiet Sunday morning at Zo's house. Typically participation in such things is purely voluntary but since Zoey can't say a single thing discernible to our learned adult ears we just do whatever the heck we want. Poor kid.

Hey, anyone download that Saturday playlist yet? Oh man, it's a beauty one. Can't stop listening to it over here. It's quickly turned into the Sunday playlist too. Get on it! Or ask me and I'll send you a copy. It'll change the way you see 7 am that's for sure.


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