Thursday, December 31, 2015

When You Suck and You Know It (aka Getting Your S#!t Together ASAP)

What a perfect way to tie 2015 up with a bow and mail it off to God knows where than by blogging again after months and months. I'll forever remember 2015 as the year that I lost myself.

The distractions were many, too many to count...and there was brilliance, you can't lose sight of that. There was a beautiful wife and family, tolerant, patient, and eager. There were new adventures, far flung but feeling like home. There was yet another year of not visiting this amazing space, a place partly ruined by something that I had written and a formal hand slapping at work because of it (the cork pulled in the bath tub of cosmic Zoey Blog energy). The year was so crowded with confusion that I wouldn't know where to begin. Instead, I'll focus on where to start.

2016 is going to be a good year, and not for any new agey, astrological, wishful thinking type reasons, but because I'm going to make it one.

Happy New Year friends and can''s time to stop sucking.