The Zoey Blog: Close, but no cigar...actually two cigars! Michigan falls to Oklahoma. FINAL - COVER UNIVERSE EXPLORERS ORDER

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Close, but no cigar...actually two cigars! Michigan falls to Oklahoma.

Rarrr and beers

Try and buy a ticket to a second round Regional NCAA basketball game when Memphis is in town...ain't happenin'! No worries...June, Zedder and I watched from the jumpin' Power and Light District across the road from the Sprint Center and had a great time. We hung out with some Memphis fans and gave the gears to as many Sooner folks as possible (setting a good example) and in the end were pretty glad we didn't burn $200 on tickets.

Michigan looked pretty good for most of the game but Blake Griffin apparently can do nothing wrong and Rarrr and myself are totally convinced that it was a Big 12 officiating crew but what d'ya do?

Now we're back at the room so Zo can get her eat on...Dad's got a tasty Fat Tire Ale going and we're ordering some KC BBQ up to the room. Gonna be an early night of watching the Lakers and Bulls and some serious snoring. It's a 5am wake up call and a 7am bail out for the Beach House some 13 hours distant.

Had fun out here...sooo much fun, and boo to you guys who don't ever come with us for this stuff...We're always talking about how fun it would be with this person or that...Uncle Ian would have croaked over this weekend, would have loved it! Uncle Brad would be in some gutter bar all bloated and coated in BBQ sauce...with the two of 'em it would have been ugly. Especially today watching basketball out in the sun about 50 yards from the Makers Mark Bar and Lounge (Daddy bought two of his favorite bourbon dipped just 'cause and one to ease the pain), that would have slayed both of those guys.

What a great trip...

A few final pics from the 2009 NCAA South Region in Kansas City...See you back home!

June Zo and the OU-UM crowd
Here's June and Zo hanging in the Power & Light District...pre-Blake Griffin's infallible-fest.

Rarrr Zo June - OU and UM
Check out Rarrr guarding our drinks from all those Boomer Sooner freaks.

Peeking Zo at OU-UM
This time the Zedder was awake and enjoying an easy day of losing to Oklahoma. Weren't we all?

June Rarrr and Zedder - OU and UM
She wasn't always awake though...and Rarrr made sure her sweet slumber was uninterrupted

June Zom partying OU-UM
And there's the party girl...hanging with her Mom as Manny and the fellas fade.

We're also leaving Kansas City with pretty good looking showings in the office pool...Dunno what June does each and every March but this looks pretty familiar after one weekend of basketball.

Pool Standings 1


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