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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Road to The Final Four sure is long...


Logging on from Hannibal, Missouri and the nicest Econo Lodge $50 bucks'll get ya. It's actually quite nice, at least in comparison to an over-tired funster in the backseat. Zoey was amazing until the last hour of eleven or twelve and so rather than pull into KC at 2:30am we ducked into this joint just down the street from Mark Twain's boyhood home so we could eat, sleep and Daddy could do the usual walk and talk with the Zedder. It worked, and we felt like a million bucks for doing it too! No regrets here. It would have been nice to wake four blocks from the Sprint Center but we'll take the Econo Lodge in Hannibal, Mo with no regrets.

It's been a good trip so far...long, but good. Zoey scored Mo Willems new book, "Watch Me Throw the Ball," from a book store in Normal, Illinois...yeah, we said "Normal"...and my new favorite song in the whole wide world is "Secret Agent Man"...or as June calls it, "Secret Asian Man," other than that I don't know much other than this is one long frikkin' drive and Junie is pretty much the Ace champ of the universe...amen.

Time to to sing myself to sleep with Johnny Rivers.


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