Monday, August 29, 2016

Fame Costs, and Right Here's Where You Start Sweat (said in best Debbie Allen voice)

Apologies for the lame "Fame" quote but it popped into my head and that's always the beginning of the end. This space needed some attention and so who cares how things get started? I kinda wanna ditch typing now though, and go watch some old Fame episodes. That doesn't make me a horrible person. It struck me over the past few days that this amazing garden full of every seed that's ever been planted in my life over the past seven or eight years has been neglected of late (really neglected), and so some of the best stuff has missed finding it's proper place in the shared experience of...this thing. That made me sad. There have been some unfathomably life altering things happening over the past few years that we've missed etching into the stone that this has always been, and to be perfectly honest, I've missed how it connects me to some of the best people that I know as well. This time a return to The Zoey Blog, has to work. It has to. Somehow I forgot just how famous this blog had gotten. I regularly get messages, to this day, about this post or that post, asking when we'll be rejuvenating things, etc... it was absolutely famous, and somehow we allowed it to stagnate and die. No more. I miss it too much. Time to start paying up, and catching up.