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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Zedder takes Skydome and then 80 St. Patrick like a champ

Zo labeled infield WBC

Zoey might be the only 6 week old you know who watched 5 innings of World Baseball Classic action at the Rogers Centre in Toronto without losing her #$%& like most infants might. This little girl rocked the fifth deck alongside 42,000 other fans and watched the US squeak one away from Team Canada, 6-5. The noise level got pretty loud and the crowd around us pretty raucous but lil' Zo just hung out and enjoyed the game. Mom tossed her a boob when most people were piling back Molson products and Zo eventually grabbed a nap but for a sturdy 5 innings this little kid was full of attentiveness.

Uncle Andrew (Coop) scooped us the tix and sat right beside the little girl we're calling "the best little baseball fan this side of 7 weeks old" and we were glad to see him. We're always glad to see him. Coop is one of our favorites.

If riding out the game wasn't enough Zo kept her crap together long enough to visit Scott, Stace, and the Samsquencher too. She got to meet big Jimmy and Amy, and Heidelberg Smitty too. It was a beauty day and Zedder kept it all intact until about 9:30pm when she started to do her nightly freak out. All in all she strung together an amazing day and night and it looks like this kid can travel. We were a little worried about her reaction to a stadium atmosphere but she was better than at least half of our friends. She might not have been able to tell you the score but she wasn't hammered drunk and she stayed awake for at least five innings of fun. We'll take that kind of performance any day.

BTW...the quarters were pretty cramped up there in the 5th deck and so the camera never got used once...a crime, we know...but we chucked together a passable photoshop job and BLAM...Zoey at the World Baseball Classic...It's not exactly the coolest thing a parent can do, and we're not necessarily proud but it's not quite abuse either so just give it a glimpse and smile at our shameless ingenuity.


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