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Saturday, March 21, 2009

We'd like to take this time to introduce you to Rarrr...we like him

Meet Rarrr KC

This is Rarrr.

We met Rarrr in Kansas City, down in the Plaza district. We liked him right away and he seemed to take to us fine too. Now he's ours. He really likes fact, right from the get go he was pretty protective of her.

Here he is trying to convince us to take Zo and him to the movies. We told him "no" since we had a basketball game to get to and he got pretty angry. He has some pretty significant anger management issues.

Rarrr KC movies background

And here he is trying to flag down a cab. Rarrr didn't think it was appropriate that we walk back to the car with Zo out in the elements ('cause sun and blue skies can be so traumatic) so he was trying to catch us a cab.

Rarrr hailing a cab KC

He obviously wasn't having much luck since he's only about four inches tall and pink (being stuffed doesn't help either) and it was pissing him off pretty good as you can see here...

Rarrr frustrated at cab KC

We finally got him calmed down enough to keep shopping but it took some serious effort. He stuck with Zo like she was his long lost sister and we were impressed by his voracity in defence of lil' Zed. Here he is fending off coochy coo'ers while we shopped...

Rarrr Zo stroller KC

We were having a beautiful morning of walking around KC's Plaza district and getting some sun when we heard someone yell, "There you two are. I've been thinking about calling you guys," and we looked up and saw Bruce! (Brian's old boss with Michigan's Athletic Dept.) Brian was pretty excited, and June got another smacker on the lips just like she always does when we run into "The Bruce" still catches her off guard every time (that's a nice way of saying WTF)...

Brian and Bruce KC

It was a great surprise to everyone but Rarrr. He lost his friggin' mind! Look...he even tried to bite Bruce but Brian stopped him. Poor Bruce...

Rarrr protecting Zo KC

All in all it was a great day of waiting for a basketball game. The now infamous "Bruce Incident" will surely fade once Brian gets the chance to sit down with Rarrr and explain Bruce's connection to his new adopted family. Unfortunately Zo didn't like Bruce either and cried the whole time we talked. I guess that set Rarrr off and there was no talking him down once he got pissed off. We even tried to go for lunch at Brio afterwards but Rarrr was still out of sorts. If you ever get yourself a little pink stuffed monster for a friend be sure to introduce him to people slowly, at least people like Bruce.

Rarrr KC Brio


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