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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy being busy (and ripping on kindergarden)

June Zo March outside

There are plenty of good reasons why we haven’t posted anything in days…

First, babies make you busy…

Second, apathy is a disease…

Third, we’ve been paralyzed with infatuation…

Fourth, we’ve been mired in existential uncertainty and the demands of dreaming extra-large.

Fifth, we’ve been waiting for the opportunity to make an annoying list punctuated by unnerving vertical numerical references. We like that kinda thing.

There actually are some pretty great reasons why we’ve been absent from posting nauseatingly cute baby crap here. We’ve had two nights of grandparent visiting, and four full days of absolutely angelic baby behaviour from le Zo. She’s found a bit of a rhythm with sleeping and is knocking off full 5 and 6 hour stretches at night (a by-product of going to bed earlier we think), she’s stringing together longer stretches of happy awake-ness…awake-ness sounds terrible but we’re using it anyway because we’re so damn tired of terms like “alert” and “aware” that we could puke. She’s smiling at things that we do and at things that she discovers and so now we know that she capable of smiling more often than just at the times she’s farting or pooping. We can’t differentiate between the two kinds of smiles but figure that it’s too much of a coincidence that every time she discovers something new and fun she poos at the same time…nope, these are intelligently offered grins. There’s probably a couple dozen other things she’s done or is doing that we’re leaving out. Sorry.

On a bigger note (at least a more glamorous one) we’re still tossing about summer plans and way down the road plans and some of the stuff is goose bump inducing…How about sneaking in that “round the world” trip we’ve always talked about (before kindergarden smashes the hell out of that dream. Kindergarden is known to do that…sorry Mrs. Teeter, but kindergarden can be a harsh vibe for adventurous sorts. There’s talk of finishing off some school work in this place or that one. There are notions of saving money and of spending money, of moving away and of staying put…blah be bleeping blah…

So we’ve been pretty busy…mostly daydreaming, but busy is busy regardless of the task.


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