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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting...oh, and Calgary sucks!


Brian and June would like to cordially thank the @#$%&le in Calgary who waited a full 32 hours after the stubhub ticket purchase to ship our basketball tickets. So it's now 8:00AM Wednesday morning and we can't leave for Kansas City until the Fed Ex truck gets here. That's okay, it's only a 13 hr drive WITHOUT AN INFANT TAGGING ALONG!

The tickets were supposed to be shipped Monday afternoon, instead they weren't even dropped off at the Fed Ex in Calgary until 4:38pm TUESDAY FRIGGIN' AFTERNOON!! It's not Stubhub's fault, it's not Fed Ex's fault, but this hick cowboy jerk from Calgary is quickly ruining this trip. Who waits 32 #$%&ing hours to ship what is supposed to be an overnight package!? It's too late to cancel the room, so we'd pocket that bill if we didn't make it...the tickets are paid for and there's no way to do anything but use them or eat them now...and we still have what will probably be a 17 hour trip on our hands.

So here's the plan....we have to make the trip. There's just too much loot spent to walk away now. Zoey is going to sleep away most of it anyway so she'll be fine no matter what. We will wait for the tickets, get them and go...I'd like to say that I could report Mr. Calgary @#$% to someone for scalping but I'm participating in that nonsense too so what do you do? If I'm lucky this idiot has shipped me the tickets still inside the original envelope he received them in, just jammed it into the Fed Ex envelope, and then I'll know his name and send him a two year subscription to Hustler Magazine...with the billing address the same as the mailing one. Inconsiderate tit! In fact, I'd send him a monthly surprise subscription for an entire year. He might refuse to pay every single bill sent to him but he'd sure as hell have to deal with that embarrassing, annoying crap every four or so weeks.

How does a single individual 2000 miles away play such an important role in turfing what were easy hopes and plans? I guess that's how the world works. It's not a fair life, that's for Mr. Inconsiderate Calgary @#$& is sure to find out if he leaves even a trace of his identity on this package. *Shrug*...I don't necessarily care if my experience is unfair, as long as someone else has a similarly unfair experience too. I'm a fair guy.


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