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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back in the USSR...except the USA, not the USSR

Zo's got her birth certificate and assorted other identification and so she's off to the United States of 'Murica today! She's going to go shopping at Somerset and Twelve Oaks and probably a TJ Maxx and a Target too. She's going to buy some stuff, and Mom and Dad are gonna buy some stuff, and she's going to sleep a lot, and it'll be our first trial run at crossing the border. We're going to try our best to make sure that Zo doesn't look like she's headed for the black market or that we've kidnapped her. I wonder if there's a way to make her look more like us before we head out today?

We thought we'd stick around for March Break and just make a few jaunts across just to get used to the whole enterprise and kill a few weeks while the weather gets better and the MLB season gets underway...then we'll shoot off for some much needed vacation. Where to? Dunno...

Of course this Sunday is Selection Sunday and if Michigan is tabbed for the Tourney and we're lucky enough for them to get a nod in the direction of the Dayton, OH bracket then we'll be heading for southern Ohio. If they do make the field of 65 they'll likely get chucked out to Boise, ID or down to Greensboro, NC and in that particular case we'd be out. Right now we're not worrying about anything except getting packed up for our shopping excursion. The Gods of March will take care of all of that other stuff.

At the moment June is getting ready, Zo is sitting in her bouncy chair playing with Target, her Whoozit, and Dad's contemplating why he hates Drew Sharpe so much. Debu is meowing his hairy little arse off because Zo is talking so crazily to her Whoozit and Dad's typing away while Mom dries her hair so... No one is paying attention to the frustrated 35lb cat in the room. He really only wants to be fed so Fattie McHuge can wait while Zo wails her pleasure with Target and Dad finishes typing. It's not like skipping a meal is gonna hurt Debu...chunko could probably skip a few days worth without wasting away.

Looks like a beauty day...let's go deplete some bank funds!

Oh...and sorry about that botched Beatles song for a post title seemed fun at the time, it really did.


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