Thursday, September 1, 2016

I've Got a Train to Catch

The Hogwarts Express leaves today, and it's a tragic fact that I, or anyone I know and cherish, won't be on it, and that makes me sad. Over the past year or so, scrapily struggling with a myriad of physical challenges - torn Achilles, increasingly problematic ortho this and thats - that I don't like anything that brings with it even the faintest whisper of "sad." I don't like sad movies. I don't like sad books. I don't want to drift too close to serious subject matter. I just want some sunshine and a jaunty step. I won't like you very much if you drag me into the serious end of the pool when I'm still debating if I even want to get wet. Life is too transitory...too unexpectedly cruel...too unfair...and much too ambivalent. a train to Hogwarts would be nice. So it may make perfect sense that the goal this coming school year is to embrace joy, and plant seeds of happiness and eschew all things nasty and soul squashing. That's the goal, but I'm certain that it's not the reality of what will happen. It's worth a try though. I don't know a single soul that couldn't use a letter from Hogwarts in their life. Not one. Life is hard, and I really don't want to buy a helmet. A cauldron and wand, sure, a helmet, no.