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Monday, March 30, 2009

A well rested freak out...

Today I’m procrastinating, mostly out of protest for the dusting of snow on the ground. It’s almost April and someone needs to tell Mother Nature to quit screwing around. Opening Day is in less than two weeks and we’re still messin’ with snow? I know, I know, there’s nothing particularly unusual about that…I mean this is Canada, and we are a spitball away from Detroit but sunshine has been on back order for months now and it’s about time the stuff got shipped. So out of protest, I am procrastinating all day long. I’ll balance out the guilt in my mind by doing some stuff and thereby feeling as though I may have accomplished something when in fact that particular something is entirely NOT what I was supposed to be doing, but was instead just something to look busy.

On a more interesting note than whatever note that was that I just honked out. We woke up this morning ON OUR OWN because Zoey slept a stunning nine hours last night! That’s right, nine hours! We had to wake her up this morning just to grab a bite and then after 45 minutes or so she happily went back to bed. At first we were a little freaked out that the kid had tackled such silent slumber oh-so fervently. You know, poke and shake and hope there are signs of life…but to our paranoid relief there were, and she groggily embraced the notion of a morning munch avec Mom. What two month old sleeps for nine hours!? Are you kidding me? Of course, she did her usual “unreasonable girl” freak-out just prior to nodding off only she multiplied it by about 400,000 and nearly made Dad’s head explode. So the unusually excessive freak-out combined with an obviously frustrated Father (after she calmed sown she looked at me like, “what did you do with my Dad?”) left her completely sapped. That’s the only explanation we can come up with. We did consider that an unusually playful Zo all day and well into the evening also sucked her dry of any energy she had stored up. Earlier in the afternoon Zo checked out her new “Pack ‘n Play” and was mesmerized by the little stuffed bear mobile. She talked to it and laughed at it for what seemed like hours. She was a genuine giggle machine and so it’s possible that overstimulation could also be to blame. Whatever was responsible for our little funster doing her best Rumplestiltskin impression last night we’re pretty sure that a nine week old sleeping for nine hours is a sure recipe for paranoia.

Turns out le beeb is just fine. She’s a happy little girl this morning and June took her temperature etc…and all the numbers jive. Apparently Zo just felt like sleeping…a lot.
It also turns out that too much of a good thing can freak parents waaay out. That’s a new experience for us. We were fully prepared for the bad junk worrying us silly but had no plan in place for the good stuff. Nine hours of sleep is pretty damn impressive and we’re still shaking our heads and wondering what happened. We considered the fact that June could have awoke in the middle of the night, managed a little sleepwalking episode perhaps better defined as sleep-feeding, and then remembered nothing in the morning? It’s a stretch but entirely possible, right? There just has to be an explanation better than Zo was just tired. There has to be.

So apparently I suck at procrastination because this post is stupid long. I’ll have to save my procrastinating for another day.


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