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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Weekend Photo Buffet Just For You (If your name is Scott or Stacey)

To celebrate our fine friends Scott and Stacey moving into their new life we wanted to toss them some fun fridge fodder.

Here are a couple of super mint photos for the kitchen, that place we are sure to monopolize with conversation, laughs and baby baths in the sink for years to come. We hope you two yoots are annoyingly happy and contented there in Digby Wolfe's old digs.

For you, and the Samsquench too...

Scooters Coffeehouse KC
This is a coffee shop we stumbled into down at the Plaza in Kansas City. We were going to scoop Coop a pound of the house blend but somehow we never managed to find our way back there. Next time...

Go HUmans Go
This is the new Quaker Oats ad campaign that's popping up all over the US. I love it! This one is by far the best, and for sure the one that Scittie, Roo and the Squencher would enjoy the most. In a world pre-occupied with falling skies and home prices we agree with the noble looking Quaker dude. Things aren't so bad. As a species we still "got it"...Cripes man, we invented formica, polaroid cameras and riding lawn mowers, it'd take one heckuva recession to stymie that kind of human spirit. I wish you could buy a felt pennant, some colorful pom-poms, and a sideline ticket for this comeback. We'd even wear one of them funky old 1920's ankle length fur coats and say "pal" a lot." We're bettin' 2:1 that us humans take the lead before the final horn goes. Gooooo team.

Like James Taylor said, "with sweet love and affection,"...Once the boxes are all unpacked we hope you guys are grinning like a six month old who just found their weiner. You know the look we're talking about.


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