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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Zedster fleeces the birthday girl just like we said she would

Netta shopping H&M

After a great day of baseball and visiting friends Zo and the "fam" took Sunday to meet up with Aunt Netta over at Square One Mall (now that's a serious friggin' mall) in Mississauga, and just like we predicted the little girl fleeced Aunt Netta for a sweet outfit including shoes. This kid is smooth...smooth as butter.

She's so smooth with Aunt Netta that we're predicting the following:

Zoey will somehow, without the use of any kind of discernable language, con Aunt Netta into a monthly shopping excursion that Aunt Netta will lovingly call "Sakura Sunday" but that Zo will selfishly refer to as "donating to the church of Zo."

Netta will invest approximately $5,000 CDN in her niece before she graduates from high school...Zoey, not Netta, an important if not entirely obvious distinction between the two. Netta was kicked out of high school.

Over the course of her life Zoey will slyly trick Aunt Netta into taking her on more than one vacation that demands a passport.

At some point during Zo's college years she will benefit from Aunt Netta making a Visa payment without her parents knowing about it.

Zoey's parents will implement the "pay for your own Spring Break" ploy, knowing full well that she can't... at which point Aunt Netta will lend her the money to go. June won't speak to her own sister for 3 months following the event.

Aunt Netta will unabashedly buy Zoey's love each and every time it looks as though Uncle Ian might be gaining ground as her favorite.

We love Aunt Netta but we think that Zoey will love her digging little rascal.


Blogger Aunt Netta said...

I know the stuff will never be as cool as the gifts June, Ian and I used to get from our Aunts and Baachan in Japan, but they will still be cool. Lil'Zo'ster is going to be the best dressed kid in town, never sportin' the same outfit.

I think Zo has already developed a comfort spot in the mall, she is Square One's youngest mall rat to date!! :) No worries Zo, you are no where close to resembling a rat though...actually you're the complete opposite seeing that "zo" in Japanese means Elephant. The cutest, smartest, best dressed elephant of course!

March 12, 2009 at 4:46 PM  

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