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Monday, March 16, 2009

We're goin' to Kansas City...Kansas City here we come...

BW Bri Zo Michigan blanket

Someone needs to steal this Dad's wallet 'cause when it comes to experiential learning this kid is getting the whole enchilada...which is a weird phrase because you really shouldn't trust anyone who wants just half of a tasty enchilada...

We're going to Kansas City for the 1st Round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament on March 19th. It's #10 MIchigan and #7 Clemson at the Sprint Center on Thursday night and lil' Zo will be there looking all confused whenever she hears people cheer for the little men in orange (or as my Mom would say, Oinge). We say little men because we're sitting way up in the corner, Sec 230, about as far away from the tumult as we could manage. It's gonna be loud in there and we're hoping that a rafter view will dampen the noise a little.

It's Zo's first basketball game, and naturally it had to be Michigan so everyone 'round here is super excited.

Some interesting tidbits (what's a tidbit?) about the enterprise?

The trip to KC will mark Dad's first time back to Kansas City since he left CMSU in '91...

Zoey needed her own ticket for the game since the good people at the NCAA are money mongering infant abusers...

The trip will be Zoey's longest one to date, and the furthest...3 days and approx.825 miles away...That's about 43 diapers...

The weather in KC is hovering in the 70's right now but will drop a little by the time we get there. Who'd have thought of Missouri for March Break?

I still can't believe we're doing this...we just kind of decided last minute...Is spontaneity one of the first lessons you should be teaching a child? What about "spend it while you got it?" That's an important one I think.

Wish us luck but most of all wish Coach Beilein and those pesky Wolverines luck too. They'll need it!


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