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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The win that almost wasn't...and two more nights in KC

June and Zo - Sprint Center

Are you kidding me? Now we're just glad we came. Michigan sneaks one away from the surging clutches of Clemson and the ACC can suck the mustard no less than twice in the same season courtesy of Manny and Co.

It was a beauty game and we were surrounded with stellar people...a Husker, a UK Wildcat, and an odd assortment of others...we watched Michigan roll and trashed Ohio State, Duke and whoever else we could think of that deserved our ill will. Zoey slept THE ENTIRE GAME!!!!....seriously, amid two blaring bands and twenty-something thousand fans...unbelievable! We're keeping her! What a great purchase this kid was.

I'd write more but I have to go get us a room for two more nights and settle myself down. Amazing win...amazing kid. Wow...the horseshoes in my ass actually make it hard for me to sit down sometimes.

BTW...Rosie and the Duckster called my cell at halftime tonight...I loves me them fellas!


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