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Monday, March 23, 2009

It's friggin' cold in these opposed to "those" parts

Home sweet home feels a lot more like “home cold home”…as we’re pulling onto the Bluewater Bridge last night the temperature read 31 degrees F…Are you kidding me? Kansas City wasn’t Jacksonville, FL but 65 degrees felt like Fiji compared to home.

Thirteen hours slipped past relatively quickly yesterday and Zo was a champ once again, really only getting upset from Kalamazoo home. At that point my ass was sore and 10 or 11 hours in a vehicle is a lot for anyone let alone a two month old anyone.

Anyway…home from the fray with a new appreciation for where we live and what we have and ready for some sun and Spring. We feel as though Zo has been somewhat battle tested after dealing with 42,000 screaming fans at the Canada – USA World Baseball Classic game in Toronto and now the NCAA South Region games in Kansas City and so we’re feeling pretty confident. Next up…Michigan’s Spring Football game on April 11th? Maybe a chance to see Kev and Aimee, Harmon and the Simester? It’s gonna depend on:

a/ weather
b/ other available options (maybe go see Scott, Stace and the Samsquencher’s new digs up north if they’re around?)
c/ weather

Look at us planning the next endeavor when this one still has us sleep deprived! Maybe we’ll learn our lesson at some point, but then…and fingers crossed…maybe not.

BTW…checked the office pool as soon as we got home last night…and look at Team Zoey, check us out…

NCAAM Pool - mar 23

It pays to take a 12 seed (W. Kentucky) and a 10 seed (Michigan) in the first round.

There are quite a few pics from our trip to KC and we'll try to get a bunch up here or at least over at June's Flickr page. You can access that here:

  • June's Flickr Sets

  • One of my weekend favorites is of Zo obsessing over March Madness on the hotel TV. As you can see we're trying to raise her right. Double overtime and a diaper change should illicit this kind of response...

    Zo watching NCAAs

    Or there's this one that we'll always remember as one of our first family photos...

    Bri June Zed Sprint Center

    We still can't believe our luck with this kid, on this trip and just in general. I'm sure by rolling in such a sentiment we're totally underscoring some of our own role in this child's demeanor and reactions and behaviour etc... but it just feels as though her performance across 8 weeks of life so far has been more a result of the best karma ever than any actual conscious decisions on our part. Grandad Gerry would shake his head at such a notion and would be quick to remind us of our own role in all of this, and we'd be happy to embrace it but hesitant to admit to it. Maybe that's a lesson we're hoping to teach her in and of's a big world out there and you're not responsible for all of what happens in it (but we'll settle for a bit of it). We've got ourselves a good little girl so far and however the mix of us and her is shaping up it's looking pretty good in the end and we'll take it by the pound...all 9 lbs of it.


    Anonymous Aimee said...

    Hey, Bri! We're going to be in Peoria for the Easter weekend. Kevin is probably SO tired of hearing me bitch about all that we're going to miss (Tigers' home opener, spring football, home U-M baseball) but we'll miss it nonetheless. We should pick a U-M baseball weekend soon thereafter, though, and get together!

    March 23, 2009 at 1:04 PM  

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