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Friday, March 27, 2009

Parts and pieces and the kind of people who turn your head

Lately I've been taking pieces of this and parts of that and wishing and hoping and laughing at the notion that I hope that someday my daughter can be all or at least some of those things.

It's crazy, I know.


It's everything wrong with parenting because she's just going to be whatever she's going to be, and I know that, but I hope that I can find a little of this and a little of that in just some of the things that she does or is because the list of parts is getting longer.

I met this girl today...How many stories start out just like that...I met this girl today, and she knocked me over with her eyes...what they saw and what they've seen...and she picked me back up with her heart...where it's been and where it's going...and she left me wishing I knew her earlier so I could have told June and told Gerry and told Mom and told everyone who needed the telling or would somehow already know what she had said, 'cause some of the people I know just know, ya know?

She had problems, like the rest of us only different because they were hers, and she needed help, just like the rest of us but different because we all need our own kind of help. She was a pianist and a poet and a struggling scholar and a mess all at the same time. She'd been let down. She couldn't get out of bed but she sure could change the way I was seeing things. She made me write this craziness and made me appreciate her craziness and made me understand my own and see the worlds and redefine all of it.

If I could cut and paste those eyes and that heart I would...but it's stupid to think that I could, or that I should, and it's stupid to think that any girl with that many problems might be the kind of girl I'd want to transplant parts and pieces of...stupid and unfair. Unfair to everyone. But it's nice to know that even us crazy people got parts worth exporting and pieces worth wishing for.

She told me to watch this and so I it's your turn. Pretty awesome what one young girl can do when someone else puts their mind to it. There are people in Japan reading this (well, trying) As impressed as I was with her now you can be too...She told me to watch this 'cause after I helped her it was her turn to help me. Zoey, I hope that you're paying attention.


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