Sunday, December 21, 2014

Little Girl...

Little girl...Big House. December 20, 2014

She such a little thing, so small...just two years old, not three until August, and set in stark contrast with her sister, who seems to just keep growing and growing, tall and lean with boundless energy and an overwhelming personality...Maggie makes sure to make up for size and second place. She's bold and full of attitude and despite regularly wanting to leave her on the side of the road, she fills us with confidence and pride. No one will mess with this little girl.

SMU - Michigan game at Crisler Center. Dec 20, 2014

She's bright and businesslike, no room for shenanigans...give me what I need and want or I'll move on to someone that can. She suffers no weakness or fool, and has a sense of self that astonishes us. She's two. She acts like she's six. It makes us wonder just what we've added to the recipe of her, aside from whatever genetics are helping her along, to concoct such a different little being from her sister. I worry that people will someday make Zoey cry, but I'm almost certain Maggie will flip the dynamic and people will need consoling from her whirlwind personality. "Don't @#$% with Maggie," we always say. People will come to understand that truth someday. Zoey you just interact with...with Maggie you strategize, 'cause you damn well know that she is.

It's been a busy year of keeping up. Less blogging, more parenting, more of this, less of that...spinning, spun, recoiling and spinning again. It's been a brilliant year...another one. We're just so lucky and almost all of the time, but the hiking this past year was all uphill compared to years past. There's still a horizon that we're chasing but it's been a year that's required more stops along the trail to rest.

I could make a list of the things that I've learned this year...a long one, and perhaps I will, but knowing Maggie, and with ten full days of 2014 left, such a thing might be a tad premature. By the end of the day my perspectives may have been shattered. She may be little but she packs a big punch.