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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good Morning Kansas City...Where's my ticket?

Good morning KC

Woke up to "Elizabethtown" on TBS...nuthin' like waking up to sunshine, a second round Regional match-up, and some Cameron Crowe creativity (which reminds me that if Michigan wins today I'm driving to Memphis next weekend more as an excuse to see the Lorraine Hotel than a basketball game). Zoey was asleep on her Mom and all I could smell was possibility and perfection (it could have just been poo). Good morning Kansas City, today's gonna be a good day.

I need some music, I think. Cameron Crowe always makes you feel like you need music. He's usually right

No posts yesterday, our apologies...but we were busy shopping and wandering and consumer adventuring all over Kansas City, even over into Kansas for awhile. We'll pass on the, "we're not in Kansas anymore," remark (although I guess by saying that we didn't pass on it) and just say that we're happy to be back in the bosom of a downtown. It's funny, but we're city people who don't live in the city. I suppose there's a beach to blame, and we wouldn't trade the scenario for anything but even downtown Kansas City can make me feel at home. We were oh so obviously just kidding about liking Detroit better. Kansas City is just fine, especially first thing in the morning...but the beach in our backyard is better.

We've got a big day in front of us...but not until "Elizabethtown" is over and not until Zoey wakes up. Don't worry Grandma and Baachan, we haven't lost her yet. She's right there on Mom.

Zo sleeping on Mom KC

Now we go about our day trying to extract tickets from scalpers for a sum that is less than our daughter. We're looking for upper bowl tickets, about as far back as you can get so that should cost a lot less than a child, don't you think?


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