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Friday, January 1, 2016

You and Me Together...

We've sort of accidentally stumbled into a bit of a tradition...the annual Dave Matthews Band concert trip with our friends Jimmy and Kim and their son, Eli. Now that's it's 2016 the question looms...tour schedule? Where's the next road trip? In 2015 we met in Pittsburgh. The year before it was Cuyahoga Falls, OH. So...2016??

The crazy thing is that this year marks DMB's 25th Anniversary...kind of hard for my head to wrap itself around. We've been to about a million and a half shows it seems but these ones with Jimmy Whynot and family have become some of our favourites.

I dunno about Jimmy and Kim but I'm hoping for a Chicago show, or maybe Western New York. June wants to go the Gorge shows 'cause June doesn't F around. We always try to hit Toronto and Detroit shows, and maybe another in the mix, but are more than a little amped at the idea of a 25th Anniversary Tour. The fan club just emailed that 2016 tour dates will be released soon so...

It doesn't take much to make me happy, and Dave Matthews shows on green grass hills, in shorts and t-shirts, with friends, and a road trip thrown in just because...well, that makes me happy.


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