Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Can Do This All Day...

First day of SK! Go Zo Go!! Sept 2, 2014

A good friend of mine, Johnny Leitch, once kept me awake half the night banging on my hotel room door. We were away at a lacrosse tournament in Ohio and he was ready to party...I was less inclined. As he banged away at my locked door for what felt like hours, the last words I heard him utter before he fell asleep on the floor outside of my room was. "I can do this aaaalll night DeWagner!" Well, in as awkward of an analogy as I may have ever uttered (doubtful) Zoey can do the same except with school, and you know, not drunk.

Zoey started full time Senior Kindergarten this week and she was more than a champ. She's been ready for this for what feels like forever...and to be honest, going to sleep with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows echoing in her ears leads to some boredom with sand play and blocks the next morning. Still, she's a gamer. She's got some good buds in her class...Ella, Ruby, Grace, etc...and so she's cool to just hang with her girls, but we worry about stimulation sometimes. She's a bit like her Dad...idleness is baaaad.

As a lot of the other kids cried, Zo and her friends were tears, nothing but excitement. Zo even brought her camera, like a high school senior. Of course, you can't haul a camera to school without snapping the mandatory selfie...

First day of school selfies are what all the cool kids do!

...and of course you need a few pics of you and your lax buds...

#janielax buddies on the first day of SK. Finally in the same class! Janie world domination...or Kindergarten at least! @saraella79

...with Ella...

Zed finds another Janie Laxer on the first day! The Rooob!!

...and The Roob...

As a parent you can't realistically hope for a whole lot more than just a chilled out, confident kid. We've got one, and she's friends with more than a few, and first days of school always remind us how lucky we are to have helped this little flower not shy away from the sun.


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