Friday, August 29, 2014

Life Right Now...

Life is good. There are few complaints. Sure we'd like more company around the fire. Sure we'd like to nail down this "at home in your community" thing...we're most often not, but if you flip through the photo album..ahem, Flickr'll find a fabulous existence marked by love and purpose and pride. We're doing alright here in 2014. I think sometimes it just takes some reflection to realize it. Taking several months off from this blog did nothing to rest me, in fact, it only unsettled me. It's become obvious that I need this place to escape to...that I need this outlet to express myself...and that I am a much better open book than I am sitting on some shelf, unread, collecting dust. Turns out I need you as much as, well, some of you people seem to need this...for entertainment, for comfort, for reassurance or seems this place does all of that for quite a few of us. Taking a break from it only illuminated that.

As Fall quickly approaches (ugh) and summer (what summer?) fades, we've made some changes and commitments around here. June is returning to work...leaving the banking world behind, and finding a new P/T home in health care...working in a support role for a large health care company, and in a chiropractor/sports injury clinic. She's excited. Zoey starts SK and will be at school EVERY day this term. I'm still juggling my own work with the lacrosse program and those demands are endless. We've vowed to save towards something. We've vowed to spend less, and enjoy our own community more. Maggie is starting P/T daycare...just a single day each week as we struggle to find options to manage our ever changing schedules and the demands of child care. Things are good, and busy, but overwhelmingly good.

We've had a good summer, nothing as typically insane as the past summer in Hawaii or Brooklyn, or anything as crazy as that, but good. We've had to remind each other that we can't always be tramping off to such brilliant places, and although we've missed that kind of adventure (I've gone nearly mad without it) we're confident that our next great adventure requires some discipline and saving. Amazing things don't just happen...well, yeah, sometimes they do, but we figure that it's more than time enough to start making plans and helping the universe along as it steers our little family into the future. We're hanging on tight and doing our best to be deliberate. Patience is not one of my virtues.

As the air cools and our trips down the street to the beach grow less frequent, there will be more coffee on the deck instead of beer, more words typed than towels dried, and we'll get to see one another more often, even if it's just here. We've missed you.


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