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Saturday, February 15, 2014

When You Came Into My Life...

I somehow managed to make rooms light up when I enter them, something I was never able to do on my own.

I suddenly had superpowers...I could fix things, broken things, even hearts...and I'd never fixed a thing before in my life.

I wasn't as afraid...of anything, well, except losing you, and then I was never more afraid.

I suddenly knew who I was, and was always supposed to be...the very minute you came into my life. Before that I hadn't a clue.

I somehow became prepared. I was never prepared.

I was tough. I had always been something just shy of tough, at best, but when you came into my life I was ready to take on anything or anyone, for you..and the world is a much bigger opponent than Robbie in 9th Grade.

I forgot about all of those things that I couldn't do and grew consumed with everything that I wanted to do. The world feels so much bigger now.

I could pick up snakes without wanting someone to shoot me in the face.

I learned how to sift through all of the nonsense to get to the good stuff...and my God how could I have missed all of that good stuff.

My words grew so powerful...all the "I love you's" and every "what were you thinking?" had infinitely more impact than I ever imagined. Some I could never say enough, and others I wish I'd never said once.

I felt beautiful, and I've never felt beautiful.


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