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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Letter to a Sleeping Child

Sometimes it's just easier to speak to you when you're asleep...when I have the time to pause between thoughts, without having to beg for your attention back...and without having to get to the point or lose you altogether. Sometimes it's nice to have your undivided attention even if you're not paying any attention at all, but mostly it's just nice to get teary in a quiet room without an audience.

If you could only see what you've done to you've unravelled me like a kite string. I know I've soared too high with you to ever be reeled in, and I know that you have a mother and sister to steal away some of that attention but try to understand that you'll never have to fight for it. I might, but not you, Not ever.

Sweet dreams and all that sappy stuff that doesn't even come close to approximating the love that surrounds you.


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