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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Go Canada Go - Sochi Winter Games 2014

I'm sure the Winter Olympics are a big deal all over the world...of course they are...but here in Canada they're an incredibly big much bigger than the summer games. CBC does a brilliant job of covering the games every four years, and living here on the US border I can say with certainty that this time of year brings more Olympic gear on this side of the border than on the other. Canadians pour a lot of national pride into these Winter Games...seemingly everyone you see on the street sporting the infamous Olympic mittens that have become such a huge part of each Winter Games, or hoodies, or toques, or jackets...ball caps, and scarves...buttons. Everyone is sporting something, it seems, and you can't help but swoon a little each time the Games come around.

No word of a lie, I woke up this morning thinking, "I need to grab more Olympic gear," not "I'm hungry," or "why in God's name are the kids awake so early." Nope...need more gear. Well, that, and "I think I'm going to go back to school and be a sports psychologist so I can somehow get to the Olympics too." I honestly thought that. I know, I probably should have pee'd, washed the sleep out of my eyes and ate something before changing the entire course of my life because CBC does such a good job of plucking our heart strings.


Go Canada Go! The whole world is watching...including everyone in this little happy house.


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