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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cleanliness, Procrastination, and Snowmen...In No Particular Order

I was going to shower, wash the dirt off after a morning of helping a friend gut his house. His family had come home to a destroyed house over the holidays, a burst pipe, and have been living in a hotel ever since. He had intentions of moving into a rental property that he owned but it needed major renovations. Our lacrosse team went back and forth with a few messages and then, gutted...and of course, clothes and hair etc...full of insulation and other heinous, noxious dust. I was just going to clean up when I heard the back door close, and the giggles outside...

I could shower later.

It was perfect snow for shenanigans...wet...heavy...not shovelling snow, no, it was snowman snow...tunnels across the yard snow...awesome slide made out of snow...uhmm snow.

The temperature was hovering around zero degrees, the warmest combo of temperature and snow that we've had all winter, and the kids were happy to hang out in the snow for well over an hour.

No cold and wet whatevers (thank you Patagonia), and tonnes of giggles...immeasurable giggles. The kind of day that snow was invented for. Which of course, it wasn't. Everyone knows that snow wasn't invented. It's a by-product of angel tears and acid rain. It's frustratingly scientific and I don't really want to get into it here, but trust me, it was the perfect kind of snow.

I was going to shower, but I could shower later.


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