Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Re-Post

I'm certain it's not a "thing" unique to me can't be, but very we'll could be. I understand that I am fortunate enough to have earned a pretty unique vantage point to watch the world go by. I mean, it would make sense if I were to see things just a little differently, but the irony of the phenomenon mustn't be lost on the people around can't be.

The re-post.

It may be the most current version of self-deception and ignorance in this age of connectivity. The Facebook or Twitter fool who posts the video, or quote, or inspirational image that flat out contradicts everything they do every day...the person with no integrity posting a quote about integrity...the out of control Hockey Mom posting the video of the out of control Hockey Mom...the liar posting endless missives about honesty...

The re-post. Ugh.

I could forevermore do without the parenting re-posts from poor parents...the healthy living links posted by the sickly...the advice, or inspirational quotes from the disappointing. It's equal parts offensive and depressing. Are we really that out of touch...I mean collectively? I think we are.  That's frightening, I mean at least Nazi's knew that they were Nazi's....wait, too much of a leap, I think...sorry.  The fact is that crazy people don't often understand that they're crazy. That's dangerous. The Friday Night Tykes father that tweets endlessly about what it takes to raise boys into men....oy vey. We're dangerously close to a tipping point where our own disillusionment outweighs our grasp on reality.

Your son will not play in the National Hockey League.

You're not even a good husband, let alone   good man.

You don't know how to raise a man any better than any other coach, or with any more insight than any other parent.

You're doing this as much for you as for them.

Define integrity for me, and give me no less than ten examples from your own life, 'cause one or two is easy. Even a blind man finds his cane in a pile of sticks every once in awhile.

The re-post is killing's killing us, but it's like a car accident that I can't drag my eyes from. Disillusionment...that's our social dilemma...whatever most of us see in the mirror is not what is real.

Re-post that.


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