The Zoey Blog: It's Tuesday and Links Are Good FINAL - COVER UNIVERSE EXPLORERS ORDER

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Tuesday and Links Are Good's officially Tuesday and a few links to get us through to Wednesday would be awesome.

You can thank me later for making your day with this amazeballs hide and seek link.

Do you have any idea how hard it is being two?  Really hard, in case you were wondering.

Ever write a thesis?  Could you sum up an entire year's worth of your work in one sentence?  These guys can and it's awesome.

Read this because it's good.

I like wine, but I know nothing about wine. This is how a guy who knows nothing about wine buys the stuff.

I would like to own this pin. Does anyone want to buy it for me? I would say nice things about you ALL the time.

Whoa...I want this in my kitchen!

I'd do best to remember this sometimes. We all would.

I could do this...but I'd need more Lego.

This is such a very cool idea.

I'm pretty determined to wear stupid socks (translation= cool socks) from now on, or at least as often as I can.  Tips on any beauties you find will be supremely appreciated.


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