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Monday, December 2, 2013

Egg Nog Lattes and Assholes Will both Make You Shake Your Head

It's much too early to listen to much too wealthy people talking much too heinous bullshit to much too fake strangers. Ugh. Is it Monday? Wait...what week is it? Is this December? My God. What just happened?

Months have passed and this blog has waned as my life has spun into insanity...sometimes a brilliant insanity, like when I slipped over to Ann Arbor to pick up the University of Michigan's donation to the Jimmy Twohander programs...or when I got to sneak down to Toledo, OH to play in a Masters lacrosse tournament...or as June's job quickly metamorphasized into stay at home mom and creativity farm...or as Zo's first school report came home and her first parent-teacher night passed, both with glowing reviews of what we already knew was a very audacious little girl. Time has flown past and sometimes in a shimmer of brilliant light and sound...but there's also been the increased stress and strain of a rapidly approaching holiday season and all of the social land mines of that...a lot of homeless kids...a lot of rehab visits...a lot of kids and families falling apart. My approach to it all was to retreat into my family and my ideas and plans, and running away has seldom been this easy. Now it's time to ante up and get back in the the game. I've had a nice rest on the bench and now I want back in. First I have to listen to this turd spew overly intellectualized nonsense about TED Talks to complete strangers in a Starbucks. Ugh. I guess you get what you pay for, I mean, I AM sitting in a Starbucks...but I like Starbucks.

Wait...Corrine Bailey Rae and Herbie Hancock doing Joni Mitchell's "River"...and there it smile inducing reason why I wander into Starbucks. Call it what you want but good music trumps blatant capitalism every day of the the week and twice if Apple is involved.

And here it is, boldly ventured amongst all these egg nog lattes and assholes...a promise. I will blog every day in huge month of December, excluding of course, the 1st, because that ship's already sailed.  Not only will I blog, but I will blog my ass off.  Merry Christmas to me!

Now...back to that post's a beauty isn't it? I loved it the minute it fell from my fingertips. What's that all about? It's a simple story that involves a guy who spends his every waking moment at a local Starbucks and does something that earns a sickening amount of money without ever really having to go to a, finance, something disgusting like that...and who drips with self importance and confidence. Well, I watched his bike get stolen from right out front of this Starbucks less than a month ago and trust me when I tell you, no matter how much someone makes you shake your head, somewhere, somehow, in some unimaginable way, someone will even the score. Sometimes the universe reminds you that despite what you may think, regardless of how out of whack it's seemed, it can be a pretty fair place. I feel great, and this self important poop it's missing a bike. Tip of the cap to you karma.


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