Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mr. Right...


There are things that I want my daughters to understand when it comes time to start dragging boys home...when that little something inside of them flickers and sparks and they find someone that they want to invest even just a nanosecond in.  It's by no means an exhaustive list of points to consider, but it's a sweet one.  I just want whoever they love to love them right back.

- If he watches "Juno" and doesn't cry. Lose him. He's a pile.

- Find a guy that would want to watch "Juno."

- When he goes out drinking with his friends, he doesn't shut his phone off, no...he answers your texts...he calls you. Keeper.

- He'll happily take you to a ball game, the symphony, camping or to Paris...without a second thought. Tranquilize and tag him. That one shouldn't get away.

- He scores two impossible-to-snag football tickets...and he asks you to go instead of his friends. No brainer.

- The mature shit, the really responsible, scary, harsh-dose-of-reality stuff doesn't phase him.

Who doesn't have fun in a pile of leaves?!

- You approve wholeheartedly of his iPod playlist.

- He's cool...oh so meltingly cool, and he doesn't even try.

- He treats people kindly.

- He likes your loser moments.

- He wants to know your opinion.

- The goosebumps never go away.

- Vegas is a trip for the two of you.

- He wants your parents to like him.

- He likes you better without all that make-up

- Prom and a movie?


- He wants you to like his friends, and them to like you...but it's not mandatory.

- He apologizes.

- Does he come to your games?

- Do his parents know you almost as good as he does?

- His version of beautiful is whatever you are.

- He makes you demand more of yourself.

- He doesn't try to change you


- He knows every John Hughes movie ever by heart.

- Obscure references...not so obscure with him.

- He'll wait for you.

- Your sister approves.


Blogger Beth said...

Best. List. Ever.

November 28, 2013 at 3:50 PM  

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