Friday, November 8, 2013

It Doesn't Take Much...

I say it over and over, and I get tired of defending the position, and it's not humility, it's not deflection. It's the truth...It doesn't take much.  It simply doesn't take all that much to change a attention...value together...embrace patient. Be yourself.

This week I met a girl who had been robbed of everything...everything, an unfathomable degree of degradation, but Everyone who met her fell apart from her story...watched her fall apart all over again in front of their eyes...until eventually all of those everyones called me all on the same day and asked if I could help.  Of course, I could try.

We met today...and we laughed...and we cut some chains...and we found some hope and stumbled on some faith...and no one cried.  She smiled a lot, and it was a wonderful smile.  She needed a lot of things but some of them were very simple...winter with the red tape...and some were more difficult, confidence...value...acceptance...privacy...dignity...but we found those too.  She didn't break my heart at all, not like she did the rest, but instead I found her mending pieces of my own as she tried to do the same.  She lifted me up and I couldn't help but tell her what she was first she didn't believe it, but I don't hide excitement and enthusiasm and emotions very well.  She could see it on my face.  When I told her, "you've got this...everything's going to be okay.  I'll help," she finally looked like maybe she believed someone.  It was easy because I believed it.

Most of us don't need much...a friend...a chance...a breath...a break...a time to lose our minds and a place to fall apart and pick ourselves back up in privacy.  Most of us just need the world to slow down for a minute, just long enough to match their pace and allow them to pick it's rhythms back up and start running again.  Most of us just need someone else to remind them that it doesn't take much.

Believe me when I tell doesn't take much.


Blogger Tracy Barclay said...

and on that note...i've been meaning to let you know that something you put on your blog has helped a bunch of folks get through the passing of a friend. i passed on the picture you posted of Dan & Probert to a couple guys that i thought might find the comfort in it that i did & it went from there. it's framed in homes & hung in garages, kept handy for whenever he comes to mind or someone needs a smile. we made sure a print went to Dan's mom who was very pleased to see him at a happier time. a little thing that meant a lot. and now you know. thanks Wags!

November 18, 2013 at 3:41 PM  

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