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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Baachan and Grandma Factor


People make mention to us all the time about how good our girls well behaved, and how happy, and nice they are.  You can root through all of the equations that you like, but the simplest math works best.  Both girls have grown up with their grandmothers playing large roles.

Zoey spent three of her first four years in the company of her Grandma...five days a week.  There was a lot of attention and love, and not a lot of room for things to slip past Grandma.  Add Baachan to the mix and she had a really solid combo of adult female care givers.

Maggie has a combination of both...Grandma watches her one day a week, and Baachan gives us two...and between the two grandparents our girls are watched by attentive and wise eyes...not the kind you find in day cares.  It makes a difference.  It matters.  We're SO beyond lucky to have the privilege of pulling in grandparents, especially grandmothers, into the mix so deeply.  Many people can't.

There's no trick to good's luck...and caring eyes.  Our girls have no less than eight eyes watching on many days, and it makes all the difference in the world.  We're so grateful and so fortunate to have such incredible women helping to shape what we hope turn out to be incredible women.


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