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Friday, October 18, 2013

Team Zed vs. Everything


Just me and you kid, that's it. For tonight at least. June is still in the hospital, and Maggie's gone with Baachan for the night, and so it's just Zoey and me...just the two of us versus this cold, unfeeling world. Drama aside, I'm feeling a little better and so I'm thankful that I'm not doing any of this from flat on my back, or without help. Baachan has been a saviour, and Zo's been so, so good. I've been gently ushered through this ordeal by loving hands, and thank God! But tonight it's just me and Tigers baseball...just a quiet, half empty house. Sigh. That's okay...we'll survive. We'll figure something out. It's not a daunting proposition by any means, it just sucks how it's all come about. Zoey will be excited...just her and I. It's all so hard for her to wrap her head around. She spent the bulk of our visit with Mummy last night playing in an empty closet. There's no life or death in the mix here and so Zo will be just happy to have someone's undivided attention for a night. She's arguably the easiest company a person can have...always happy...always energetic...eager to please...always capable of completely making your baffles me that we're so blessed. Karma's treated us right. A night of just Zo and myself is a grin inducing thing, but the smile would be wider if we could have managed it another way. As overly sentimental as it sounds, there's just nothing on the face of the earth that makes me feel so capable, so inexplicably safe and stable, so perfectly placed, as these girls. I'm impossibly bombproof when we're together, and I suppose that's how it should be. If it isn't then perhaps you need to examine your life and your choices more closely. Nothing makes me feel quite so relevant. Nothing. So tonight it's me and Zoey versus the world, but on any given day it's me and these three girls against everything that ever threatens happiness. Most days we win.


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