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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stepping Up To The Plate...Virginia Lacrosse Gives Big

Thank you Virginia Lacrosse! #jimmytwohander

Some big boxes were dropped off at the house yesterday with a return address that said Charlottesville, VA, which surely meant only one thing...that the University of Virginia's Men's Lacrosse Program had donated some goods to Jimmy Twohander.  They had.

Wahoo Lax...the new semi-official partner of Jimmy Twohander Lacrosse!!

My jaw dropped when I opened the boxes.  They were loaded Cavalier gear.  Sitting right on top of the first box was a Wahoo helmet, and right below that were a bunch of unstrung lacrosse heads, and then mesh, and then a dozen or so brand new elbow pads and slash guards, helmet stickers and balls...lots of balls.  It was like Christmas.  A long, tough day was immediately wiped out.

Jimmy Twohander is suddenly a MONSTER Virginia fan! Go Wahoo Lax!!

The others were full of lacrosse heads and pinnies...dozens upon dozens of Virginia Lacrosse we'll never have to buy a pinnie for these programs again.  We tore through the gear, so excited to see what treasures were beneath other treasures.  We were twelve years old and it was an incredible reminder of all that you take for granted in your life...all of the mesmerizing bits of wonder that, as adults, we've forgotten.  Ripping open a box full of surprises is just about at the top of the list of life long thrills.  We couldn't believe everything that Virginia had sent.

UVa comes up BIG TIME for Jimmy Twohander Lacrosse!! Cavalier gear out the wazoo!

This little idea of ours is really's really turning into something.  It's getting a lot of attention in the very limited exposure we've allowed it to have.  We've been really pulling on the reins, trying to keep it a manageable thing until we're better prepared to roll out with legs pumping, full speed and elbows flying, and even with all that restraint we're still managing to pull in support and heartwarming high fives.  It's been inspiring.  The University of Virginia had no reason to send us stuff except we asked....we asked, and they care.  That's it.  It's pretty obvious that the people that make the University of Virginia's Men's Lacrosse Program care about the game of lacrosse, and about growing it and giving back as best as they can.  When I spoke with Peter Krawczyk, their Director of Operations, he mentioned that they had just cleaned out most of their storage facility sending stuff to the Harlem Lacrosse Academy...and they still sent all this stuff!  It's incredible.  It's a lesson in changing the caring...all you have to do is let good people into your life, and odds are that they'll work hard to help change it.

Thanks you Peter...Thank you Coach Starsia.  Thanks Virginia Lacrosse.  We're still speechless.


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