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Friday, October 18, 2013

Sore Throats and Stubborn Mothers

Mom Daughter Hospital

She's a tough really, she's a really tough girl, and she's a mother.  She's almost always far healthier than I am...almost never falls ill.  Then yesterday she decided to hit the emergency room to address a horrifically sore throat and before you could say antibiotics she was admitted.  It was a pretty bad infection and she was kept overnight.  At the moment she's beating herself up over not going in sooner, but what d'ya do?  She's a tough girl and she doesn't go wailing for help each and every time she feels a little under the weather.  She's no different than most Moms that I charge of her own little world...and so when a sore throat came knockin' she did what many other mothers would do...she ignored it, and kept plugging away.  She shouldn't have.  If there's a lesson in it all it's that no one is infallible...not even moms. June amazes me with her toughness, always has, but you just can't go a career undefeated. Everyone gets knocked down. It's been a good lesson for me too. I tend to get impatient with my health, upset at progress or bad luck, or my own unique circumstances when in reality, aside from trying to be as healthy as I possibly can be, I have no control over what the universe chucks me. I need to relax about it all. Maybe moms are not only tougher, but more inclined to roll with the punches? Who knows? I only know that this mom doesn't get knocked down much, so it's strange to see her in her hospital gown. Look at the smile though...see what I mean...rolling with the punches. That's my girl.                                                                  


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