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Sunday, October 6, 2013

See #15 There? That's My Cousin...

Ave's biggest fan

It was ridiculous...almost unbearably cute.  Zo's cousin, Avery, was playing basketball at a local high school, and in marches Zed with her homemade sign..."Go Avery Go!"  She stood on the baseline and watched warm-ups, and then moved to the sideline for the actual game.  Half the gymnasium's heads nearly burst.

Sideline fan

She's a big fan of her cousin Avery.  She's a big girl, and a girl that has always paid a lot of attention to Zo.  It was almost too much to watch her wide eyes and excitement as Ave ran up and down the court. It's a swooner, and always has been, watching the way that young girls become mesmerized by big girls...such wishful looks in their can almost see it in their faces...someday that's gonna be me.



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