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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Say What You Need To Say...A Family Tradition


She's been talking incessantly for weeks now, and occasionally there are some semblance of real words...most just imagined words...words that sound an awful lot like something, but probably aren't. It gets your hopes up, although we suspect that when the words do begin to flow, we're in for it. This little girl has an attitude...she's very certain of what she wants, which is just a gentle way of saying that I think this one's going to be a handful.

Maggie and Zed couldn't be any more different than they are...and as much as Zoey spoiled us I think Maggie will make us work.  She's not difficult as in stressful and impossible to manage, but she's paralyzingly independant and wildly stubborn. Of course, our versions of both of those characteristics  are painted with a fairly naive brush.  Both of our kids are brilliantly well behaved.

I can't wait to see the dynamic between these two sisters develop.  One is outgoing and bold, the other  even more so.  This will not be a quiet house. Mind you, it never was as long as there was something worth talking about. The difference will now be that there will be four opinions, three female voices, and one male, and no end to the stubborn boldness that should be engraved on our own little family crest.  "Yes I can. Let me tell you all about it," could be our motto. Neither Maggie or Zoey will disappoint conversationally.


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