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Friday, October 11, 2013

Back Atcha Universe...

Zoey Adrian College

So the day looked like this...

Long road trip to Adrian College with Zoey to pick up some donated lacrosse gear...30 bags and a big bucket of balls...a quick u-turn and then straight back to an awesome Autumn Detroit Zoo, all the while working out the kinks in our new book about a secret underground school for exceptional children whom Zoey likes to call spies but who are really just exceptional children.  Somehow there were lots of robots too...shrug... It was a ridiculously beautiful day, and we ate horribly, drive great distances, and sang a lot of songs from The Wizard of Oz.  Oh, and Zoey walked with peacocks, and a completely harmless carousel nearly made me chuff.

Zoey Peregrine Falcon

On the way home we scooped up a package of girl's lacrosse heads from Maryland...22 of them. Boom...AND got a message from my friend John, with Michigan Lacrosse, telling me that they were putting together some things to donate to Jimmy Twohander as well. Thumbs up throughout the van.  Then, when we scooted home I discovered that the Tegan and Sara DVD is now on Netflix. Double Boom.

Sometimes you kick the universe's ass.  Sometimes.  Today was one of those times.


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