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Thursday, October 24, 2013

As The Best Part of Fall Fades...


As the best part of Fall fades I'll take just a moment to recall what wasn't last year at this same time. In July 2013 Jimmy Twohander Lacrosse was officially introduced to the planet, after hundreds of connections to U.S. colleges, and a ridiculous amount of leg work my whole world got impossibly better seemingly overnight. By September Janie Twohander Lacrosse was a reality, and so was our first girls insanely fun group of 4-6 year olds that somehow ended up with one three year old, and a nine and eleven year old in the mix. We spent the next two months giving the game to girls who couldn't wait to get to practice each week. We had lacrosse donations from the University of Dallas, the University of Findlay (OH), the University of Virginia, Georgetown University, the University of Toronto, Queens University, Maryland, Adrian College, The Hill School in Pottstown, PA, and a host of others. We somehow found ourselves with almost 50 girls sticks, over 20 boys sticks, a donation from a Forbes 500 financier in Boston, MA, and a tonne of lacrosse balls and assorted gear. We had a bank account and a business license. We were running trash can lacrosse sessions for kids living in subsidized housing, partnered with the County, the City, and the YMCA. We were dedicating ourselves to something new, and good, and valuable. We were making kids happy, and all we did was show up with sticks and some enthusiasm. It cost them nothing but their time, and it was some of the best stuff we've ever been involved in. Last Fall it was all just an idea. As the best part of Fall fades we can't help but feel awfully proud of ourselves.


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