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Friday, September 20, 2013

Janie Twohander...Girls, Lacrosse, Fairy Wings, Tutus...the Usual Awesomeness

LAX Fairy day!

When the idea of starting a field lacrosse program for the smallest girls I could find crossed my mind I had no idea how staggeringly fun it would be. It's toppled just about everything on my list of awesomeballs things. I've maybe never had so much fun....ever...and that's a lot of never.

  Telling the story of 'The Creator's Game' #janietwohander #lacrosse  #iroquoisnationals

Two weeks deep, without incident, and the photo ops are insane. This week was Fairy Night and if ours heart were on the outside of our chests we'd have all seen them grow ten sizes bigger. Turns out that fairy wings and lacrosse sticks are a great apples and juice boxes.

  Snacking spot #janietwohander #fairies #lacrosse

 It's mostly just fun and games, and I'm learning quickly not the place for ANY level of lacrosse drill, but the girls love their sticks, and they play hide and seek while waiting for practice to start, and there is giggling...loads of giggling. They think it's lacrosse practice. Good enough. And it's cute enough to hurt your head.

  Hide and seek

There's a faint whisper of structure...early on, but it fades rapidly with the minutes, and occasionally we tackle something skill-based, but mostly it's just trying to keep a dozen 3, 4, 5, and 6 year olds busy...which isn't easy. Maybe by week 3 we'll have a better system in place. For now, it's tutus and desperate attempts at keeping attention spans harnessed.

  What time is it Mr. Wolf?? LUNCHTIME! #janietwohander #fairies #lacrosse

 I've learned that "What Time is it Mr. Wolf" works wonders. Of course, so does just running around and screaming, so...there will be no coach of the year awards here...but there will be giggles. THere will be an abundance of giggles.


Blogger Aunt Netta said...

You are great motivation to step outside the box to create things that are just PURE AWESOME! Best Brother-in-law ever!

September 20, 2013 at 1:02 PM  

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