Friday, September 13, 2013

Hey Ladies....

Whoever had the idea of putting a dozen 4-6 year old girls together on a start-up lacrosse team for the Fall was crazy!  It cost a decent dime to do it, and it's just about the busiest practice you've ever seen.  There's almost no sense in tackling structured drills because it's close to impossible to navigate twelve different attention spans, but my God is it ever fun!

We rounded up twelve friends and strangers alike, and gave them lacrosse sticks. Now we're responsible for their safety and enjoyment.  That's a heavy task. I think we're up to it but WOW...on the surface it looks daunting. Twelve little girls have a seriously intimidating amount of energy.  Sure, it's all giggles and random running and laughing, so not like a group of boys at the same age, but a little pink and purple bomb in fairy wings is still a bomb.

Tonight was the girls very first practice and it was all a guy could do to keep their attention, and kinda sorta teach a thing or two.  Mostly we just ran around in a state of semi-organization, and had as much fun as we could.  There wasn't one altercation between funsters.  We only had two girls too frightened or upset to play, and despite wind, rain, and cold, there wasn't a single registered complaint.  Not bad.  I think we may have pulled something very cool off.

The whole thing started as an idea to bring together girls in a girls-only game, and to introduce them to field lacrosse.  Some had played indoor, and others had never touched a stick, but lacrosse was the secondary thing...having fun and loving lacrosse practice was our primary goal.  I also wanted to make it something to combat the ridiculous cost of participating in sports these days.  Parents should be able to afford to give their kids whatever opportunities that organized sport can provide...nothing should be out of reach, so this program would be so accessible that it confused people.  It was.  Not a single parent paid a single dollar for their child to play.  We found the money to do it here and there, and then we kicked in some of our own, and bam...twelve girls with lacrosse sticks having the time of their lives.

Whoever had the idea of putting a dozen 4-6 year old girls together on a start-up lacrosse team for the Fall was crazy!  But it was SUCH a good idea.  Next week is fairy  lacrosse sticks and tutus.  I'm kinda speechless.


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