Saturday, August 10, 2013

We Did It Our Way


Once again, we live here for a reason.

On a typical beautiful day, we wake up, get ready for the day, and pack up the girls for the beach.  We paddle around, explore a little, dig holes in the sand, swim, do nothing in particular but soak up son and ourselves, and then we go home, rest, and do it again the next day.

Perfect day

We live here for a reason, but...

I swear, if we ever won the lottery we'd be bigger bums than you might imagine.  Perhaps we'd buy a place in Hawaii, and spend every day at the beach...or maybe we'd own a giant roving motor home and cruise the coastlines and wherever for years at a stretch?  One thing is for certain, our clock would run slow, and our emphasis would be on the best parts of our lives...each other, and awareness, and doing good things while we're here. We'd work on being better every single day, only every single day would most likely involve water and sand.

We've learned a long time ago that there are better ways to spend your time than investing in things that don't matter.  I could make more money, but I wouldn't be home at 3pm every day to play with the girls. We could live in a dozen other spots, but we wouldn't have a beach damn near in our backyard, and why would we want something else?  It's fair to say that we could have made more ambitious choices with our lives but we feel, very strongly, that we've made the right ones. Our daughters are fantastic, beautiful, intelligent, and happy girls.  They have manners and consciences, and are overflowing with love and curiosity.  We did that.  We made them that way...June and I did.  We created these little blue eyed funsters, and we nurtured them and their ideas and interests...we did that.  I think our priorities are straight.

One of those priorities is snatching up every day of summer and wrestling it to the sandy ground, then washing our feet off in the lake. do it your way and we'll do it ours.


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