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Thursday, August 15, 2013

She Just Makes Me Feel Happy...

Zed Uno Dad Deck

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like for June to watch her husband fall totally and completely in love with another girl every be undone by a female that isn't her.  Zoey creeps into my head at all hours, in any endeavor, and sometimes saves me from myself...makes me feel home, no matter where I'm at.  That's powerful business to compete with.

She calms me.  She nestles into my subconscious and eases me into every situation.  If I thought I was in love when she was just a small child I've gone and fallen doubly so in recent years.  I'm full on smitten and swoony and it's probably nauseating to those of you who don't know me well enough to see it in my know that this guy is lost to this little girl. Then, I'm sure, the sighs and "sweet" comments filter in, to which I am immune because none of them are serious enough contenders to articulate what this child does to me.

Some days just a sideways smile can make me swell with emotion.  She tangles me in a dozen knots and none that I want to untie.  That's what June competes with every day...that's what Maggie will have to wiggle her way's an imposing kind of love and if any two girls are up to it it's Maggie and her mom, but for now, there's Zoey and there's Dad, and most everything else gets a little blurry.


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