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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hugs As Currency...No, Wait! A Hug Project!

Hugs for currency

Imagine hugs as currency.  I suppose, in manny ways, they already are, but I mean genuine currency.  We pay for what we want with hugs. Of course, we'd really only get what we deserve in that manner. Incredible huggers score the best stuff, while half assery gets what's coming to it.  I suppose there could be fakers...people who get really good at miming their way through all those hugs, but those people manage the very same thing in real life, don't they?  No diff.

Hugs as currency.  I love you.  I miss you.  It's been so long. I'm so excited to see you.  Wow, did I ever need to hug you.  There'd be about a million different kinds of hugs, which brings to mind the notion of becoming an expert hugger...a real connoisseur of the hug.  A hug sommelier of sorts (excuse all the Paris talk).  What a brilliant ambition.  That's it! I'm going to study the hug!  I'm going to get impossibly familiar with every nuance of the hug.

Look out unsuspecting world.  This guy has a new project.

Of course, I won't go hugging everyone, and I'll rarely solicit hugs...but I'll give them and take them when they are thrust upon me...and I'll give good ones boyo...great big meaningful son-of-a-bitches, that will be ripe with interpretation.

I'm SO happy to see you. You have no idea how much I love crossing paths. You're the best. Where have you been for the past billion years?  I'll live on this hug for a few weeks.

All kinds of hugs, and I'm gonna learn 'em all.  Maggie can keep me practicing.  She's pretty much an expert already.


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