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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Absence, Heart, Stronger...All That Stuff.

Double hug 2

It's nice to know that you're missed.  After four full days of sick, the girls are in the sole care of their Mom.  I've been hunkered down in the basement, trying my best to beat this knock down cold before we leave for New York on Friday, and hoping that by hiding in my cave I don't infect Mom.  So far she's the only champ in the whole house.

I hear them playing upstairs, as I cough so hard I gag...and every once in awhile I show my face, or they sneak down to visit, but mostly Dad's been relegated to a blow-up mattress in the basement, sniffling, eyes watering, cursing the universe.  Four days...what is this, February?  It's bloody August and good thing...I'd have missed damn near a week's worth of work.

All I want is to feel healthy, to see my girls, and somehow manage to squeeze some life out of the end of the summer.


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