Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Hassle Free Life.

SUP buddies

Drop me off of the face of the earth, with nothing to manage but my whims, and I'd be a happy, happy guy.  Who wouldn't? Of course, we all would be ecstatic, but no, not all of us.  Some of us would go insane without the crushing infringements of work, or the reassuring company of friends and strangers alike.  Some of us need the freight train of society.  Not me, at least, not in perpetuity...not consistently...I'll take a break from the mainstream and the chance to build my own schedule and routine, unfettered by others.  I'd take a parcel of land on Hollister Ranch, and some good, like-minded friends close by. I'll take my own slow, but deliberate pace of life...sunsets, blue skies, aloe on sunburns, and campfire smoke with the smell and sound of the ocean in the air.  I'll take sun freckles on June's face year round, and soft, dull tan lines on my babies even in the dead of winter, which really doesn't exist because we live in paradise.  I'll take a small, forward thinking school and education for my girls, and a vibrant, creative, and purposeful life for June and I.  I'll drive an old truck, and wear flip flops out.  I'll smile ALL the time, and for no reason.  You can come and visit, and stay. That's okay.  You can even move here, but not too close...maybe a mile or two away, and don't come knockin' every morning unless it's to go out into the ocean.  It's not that I'm anti-social, it's just...I think hassle free is probably a reality if you can just wrestle it to the ground and hold on tight.

What would you do if you could do anything?  Where would you be?  How would you fill your days? Ours would be like a Patagonia catalog exploded and got all over your pants.  What would yours look like?


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