Thursday, July 11, 2013

This is me...

Photo 135

It felt bad the last few days, but late last night it started feeling really bad. I mean really @#$%ing bad. So ice and Ibuprofen, and more ice, now some stim, and more ice...we've added stretching into the mix and a foam roller (really, the best thing thumbs were invented. You NEED to own one. It'll cut chiro visits in half, and stretch things out that have needed to be stretched out for decades) just to be sure we're doing everything we can. The pain sucks, and I'm totaly=ly over this whole "knee thing" that seems to be the bane of my existence.

One of the very first things that I heard when I started playing lacrosse again was, "how's the knee?" It typically annoyed me...not the question itself, or the friend asking, but rather the notion that it was a relevant and appropriate question. That part infuriated me. The funny thing is I didn't do this playing lacrosse, nor is it my typically bad knee. It's the other. Approximately three or four times a year I find myself struck with severe cases of tendonitus, particularly in my left knee. Nowhere else, just my left knee. It gets today. I can barely walk. We're beginning to think that it's a couple of imbalance of strength in some of my major muscle groups...similarly, a weakening of some pretty important muscles...and sand. Sand might just be my arch-nemesis at this point in my life...not hard packed drive on top of sand, but that soft trudge through type stuff...a killer, it seems. So, the timing is's summer, and that seems to be the ideal time for me to fall apart, but this nonsense needs to end. I'm tired of being the crippled guy. That guy sucks.


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