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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Horse Camp Means Horse Smells and Horse Conversations and...


Seeing her on top of a horse is shocking to me. She's so small, and they're so big, and there she is, reins in hand...smiling. Horse camp wrapped up on Friday and we have a changed little girl on our hands...more confident...more eager to explore without fear or caution...a little more bold and adventurous...a lot more independent and far beyond proud of herself. She really didn't need any of the above traits, but she got 'em anyway...all on the back of a horse, or five.


Her Great Grandfather, Floyd, would have been proud, as would her Great Uncle Larry, her Great Aunt Cheryl, and second cousin Colleen, and her Uncle B. She was a bit of a natural, unafraid, eager, and patient. Her Camp Director called her, "a pleasure," which is something a parent doesn't just tuck away unappreciatively. We were just hoping to give her something cool to do. Turns out that even shoveling manure can be cool provided that there is a horse involved loosely somewhere in the process, which it undoubtedly was.

Everyone please make note of impossibly stereotypical moment #7 in which Dad is reminded that he has himself two daughters.


For extra kicks I'll high five the first person that can caption this incredible photo. Her Great Grandfather and Great Uncle Larry would simply call it "the price of admission" but I suspect Zoey has a different name for it. Regardless, an awkwardly proud moment that she hasn't stopped talking about since.


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